Our Proven Process



This begins with your first phone call to us. We will get to know each other, decide if we are a good fit and discuss what happens next.


This step begins the real physical work. Our team will work with you to pull out and assemble all items that belong in a space and sort out what doesn’t.


Store elsewhere, gift, donate or trash. When we are finished with this step, you will only have what you love and need.


Not only will you have what you love and need, you’ll know where to find it and where to put it away. It will look beautiful and when everything has a “home,” it’s easier to stay organized.


This is how you protect your investment of time and money. We will continue to work with you at an interval of your choosing. Most clients need a lot of help getting organized and some help staying organized. Our maintenance packages offer value for this very important step in the organizing process.