Intro Offers

Entry Level Organizing Packages

We want Ideal Organizing + Design Solutions to be your trusted company for all of your organizing and design needs. These packages are a good way to get to know us.


One of our Professional Organizers will meet with you in person or speak with you on the phone for 60 minutes. We will provide you with a personalized plan, help you to determine which package is best for your situation, and leave you with a quote.


This is a great way to find out if you like our services and experience the value of home organizing with only a small investment. This should be enough time to tackle a small space such as a child’s closet, small pantry or utility area.

  • Half hour phone consultation
  • 2.5 hours with a two person team of professional organizers
  • Transportation to and from job sites
  • Removal of unwanted belongings
  • .5 hour follow up coaching


This is a good option for the client who is willing to do some of the physical work themselves. If you can talk on the phone, and you can lift and move the items that need sorting out, then you are a great candidate for Virtual Organizing. If you choose, we will also work with photo and video technologies.

  • Initial consult to assess needs and technology preferences
  • 2.5 Hours with a Professional Organizer
  • .5 hour follow up coaching