Entry Level Organizing Packages

We want Ideal Organizing + Design Solutions to be your trusted company for all of your organizing and design needs. These packages are a good way to get to know us.


One of our Professional Organizers will meet with you in person or speak with you on the phone for 60 minutes. We will provide you with a personalized plan, help you to determine which package is best for your situation, and leave you with a quote.


This is a great way to find out if you like our services and experience the value of home organizing with only a small investment. This should be enough time to tackle a small space such as a child’s closet, small pantry or utility area.

  • Half hour phone consultation
  • 2.5 hours with a two person team of professional organizers
  • Transportation to and from job sites
  • Removal of unwanted belongings
  • .5 hour follow up coaching


This is a good option for the client who is willing to do some of the physical work themselves. If you can talk on the phone, and you can lift and move the items that need sorting out, then you are a great candidate for Virtual Organizing. If you choose, we will also work with photo and video technologies.

  • Initial consult to assess needs and technology preferences
  • 2.5 Hours with a Professional Organizer
  • .5 hour follow up coaching

Packages for Busy Professionals

We know how important your time is. You will gain time when you are organized.

SUPREMELY IDEAL 25% off Full Price

18 total days with a team of 2 Professional Organizers.
(10 or more days initially and 1 day biweekly for 4 months for maintenance and coaching.)
“I want a complete organizing makeover!” This package will change your life. Our team will work relentlessly until your entire space is organized and then we will work with you coaching you on the habits that will keep your space functional and beautiful between visits. You will know where all of your belongings are and how to keep your space supremely organized. This is a “Basement to Attic” service that includes a full house cleaning at the completion of services as our gift to you.


5 days with a team of Professional Organizers
You have some organizing skills but can’t seem to get your space to where you would like it. When we are finished, you will have a home with professionally designed spaces and systems that are easy to maintain. If you choose ongoing support, you will receive in home visits or Virtual services at the package hourly discount rate.

SIMPLY IDEAL 10% off Full price

3 days with a team of Professional Organizers
Procrastinate no more! You will be amazed at how much you can accomplish with our team. 1 or 2 large “problem areas” in your home such as a garage or attic or several rooms, closets and cabinets will be cleaned out, sorted and restored to spaces that you can love.
Ongoing support will be offered at the discounted rate.

Packages for those Moving, Downsizing or Relocating

THE IDEAL MOVE 1 (25% Off)

60 hours or more of meticulous, conscientious service
Our most deluxe all-inclusive package. You involve yourself to
your comfort level. We move you out and we move you into your newly designed custom space. Going forward, we provide robust project maintenance to keep you on track.

THE IDEAL MOVE 2 (20% Off Full Price)

30 Hours of more of the services that you need most.
Our best organizing package for the client who needs some help moving, downsizing or relocating. We will sort, pack and move your belongings. We will organize your new home as you move in and provide project maintenance to keep you organized going forward.

THE IDEAL MOVE 3 (5% off full price)

18 hours or more of packing and sorting services.
A good organizing package for the client who needs specific help with certain smaller parts of the move and already has their own movers We will assist you packing out or packing in.