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By understanding your needs, we follow the Ideal Proven Organizing Process to transfom disorganized spaces into functional solutions. We work in teams who bring a variety of talents and skills to each project and we can accomplish in days what could take months when working alone. If you are looking for an organizer in Virgina Beach or Hampton Roads, remember that we give back Peace of Mind, Freedom, and Time.

Proud sponsor of the Walk to End Alzheimer’s

Recognized by Redfin® as a top expert in Professional Organizing

Named Virginia Living Magazines’s – Top of the Trades

Green/Sustainable practices 

We continuously seek eco-friendly uses and disposal methods for your unneeded and unwanted items. Whether it’s finding new uses and new homes for your former belongings, so they don’t end up in a landfill, or breaking down and recycling boxes and containers, our entire team is committed to being earth friendly on each and every project.

Our services:

help for moving seniors

Senior Move Management

Have you lost control of your belongings due to major health or life changes?

With staff who are Senior Move Management® – Certified and NASMM members, we have the knowledge and experience to provide expert and compassionate downsizing guidance to seniors and their families.


Right-Sizing, Relocation, and 55+ better moves

Are you or a family member downsizing or relocating soon?

We deliver full service organized packing, move management, and unpacking. With staff who are members of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO), our services assist busy professionals, families, and military members who are moving into or out of the Hampton Roads area.

modern wooden wardrobe with clothes hanging on rail in walk in closet design interior

Home Organizing

Does a cluttered home or office have you feeling overwhelmed?

We meet you at any phase of your organizing journey and want you to remain comfortable and motivated throughout the process. We will transform all or any part of your home into a functional space by providing the expertise, clarity, and manpower to meet your needs. Our goal is not only to de-clutter but to make the best use of any interior space.

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Business and Office Organizing

Has disorganization caused you to lose time or money?

We help entrepreneurs, small business owners, and home-based businesses. We design systems to help you run your business, office, and home more efficiently.

Neat modern bedroom interior with grey and white decor and a stylish bed with storage space below on a wooden floor lit by a large bright window. 3d rendering.

Interior Design

Are you looking to create an updated look whether you are selling, moving, or staying in your home?

We also offer Home Staging to sell your current property and Interior Design for a beautiful, We specialize in transforming older homes with small rooms into beautiful, contemporary open-concept spaces that function efficiently for you and your family.

Virtual Organizing

Virtual Organizing

Are you looking for an affordable, convenient way to get organized?

We offer Virtual Workshops and One on One sessions for those who want to achieve results without an organizer coming into their home, or perhaps you would like to hire us but live outside our service area. If you can talk on the phone and take direction, then Virtual Organizing is a great option. We employ technologies that you are comfortable with.

We would like to assure you that we are following all current, official guidance for home service workers, in order to keep both our staff and clients safe.

“Tria and her team are impressive at what they do. If you need help getting organized, they are the company to call!”