Special Offers

Because Ideal Organizing + Design wants to ensure that anyone who NEEDS organizing CAN GET organizing, we offer the following options:


0% Financing

IOD is offering up to 6 months of 0% financing for a full week of organizing with a team of two professional organizers. This is often more than enough time to organize your entire home! This special offer also includes two free follow up appointments with an organizing coach to protect your investment and help you stay on track!

The Gift of Organizing

Consider adding an Ideal Organizing + Design Gift Card to your Wish List. Cards are available for purchase starting at $25.

Ideal Organing Gift Card
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Jumpstart Option

Tackle a difficult, small space such as a kitchen pantry, busy utility area, or a child’s closet or play area by spending several productive hours with a team of Ideal Professional Organizers. Get immediate results beginning with a 30-minute consultation, followed by skillful onsite organizing with a team of two organizers. Removal of unwanted items to be donated or recycled plus 30 minutes of follow up coaching to ensure success is included.

Maintenance Plans

Protect your investment and stay on track with an Ideal Maintenance Plan. Keeping belongings in top organizational shape is key to productivity and to living a stress-free life. Packages range from monthly to semi-annual visits to help you stay on track!

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Virtual Organizing

Virtual Organizing

Virtual Organizing is ideal for those clients looking for a more budget-friendly option and flexible hours. Technologies that the client is comfortable with will be utilized. Your virtual organizing session can be one-on-one or during one of our periodically scheduled Virtual Workshops. Our Virtual Organizing always includes a complimentary ½ hour phone consultation before the session to set you up for success and a post-workshop summary.

The biggest benefit of working with the IOD team was the personal attention. I hired them out of desperation. I had too much to handle alone and it was very overwhelming. The team was delightful to work with. They know exactly what they’re doing. They are fast, efficient, and considerate. My whole house was organized in 4 days and I would absolutely hire them again.

– B.R.