Memorabilia and Legacy Solutions

Memorabilia and Legacy Preservation Services

Do you have beloved pictures, documents, VHS tapes, slides or reels that are no longer possible to view and are taking up too much space? Our photo and video digitizing service partners will scan, convert, digitize and preserve your media as needed for you or a loved one. A thoughtful gift idea!

Virginia Beach organizer

Photo Album Organization

Hard copy album creation provided in-house by our team. 

Work directly with our photo album specialist to create beautiful and functional collections of treasured memories.

Services provided by the Ideal Organizing team. Contact us at 757-777-8685 or

Memorabilia Preservation Solutions

Photo Digitizing and Organization

Scan, digitize and preserve photos, documents, achievements and artwork.

Receive organized, digitized memories on one or more thumb drives for multiple family members to enjoy. Option to enhance your package with a customized song based on your loved ones journey.

Serviced locally by contacting Tina Micula at or 757-672-5142

Memorabilia Preservation Solutions

Video Tape, Slides and Movie Preservation

8 and 16mm VHS, Beta, Hi8, tape and slide conversion to thumb drive or DVD.

Serviced locally by contacting Cory Langley 757-422-6064 or