Frequently Asked Questions

What to Expect

Who Are Our Clients?

Our clients are seniors or anyone looking for help downsizing or relocating, busy professionals and homeowners in need of organizing services, space planning or home styling.

How Are We Different From Other Companies?

We are the leader in Hampton Roads. Our proven team process and six-hour work sessions ensure fast results. We have staff who are Professional-level members of NAPO and who hold certification from NASMM.

We offer cutting edge services such as virtual consultations, estate auctions, professional home and office organizing, organizing product services, paperless office, art hanging, space planning and interior design. We provide follow-up and Maintenance Services. HINT: This is key for long term success.

How Long Will It Take?

With many large projects, we begin to see significant results in 3 days. If you just have one problem area or room, we can often take care of it in a few hours.

Can I Trust Your Company?

Organizing can be very personal. We respect that you are letting us into your private space and want you to feel as comfortable with us as possible. We are bonded, all of our employees undergo a background check and we have numerous references to put your mind at ease. We follow the professional organizers’ code of ethics as outlined by NAPO and NASMM.

What Are Your Qualifications?

The organizing industry is still unregulated and anyone can call themselves a ‘Professional Organizer.’ Our years of successful experience is the best qualification and we would love for you to speak with some of our satisfied clients. We have staff who are Professional-level members of NAPO, hold Residential Organizing Specialist Certification, and are Senior Move Management Certified by NASMM, the top industry associations.

Do I Have to be Involved?

Most projects are more successful when the client is directly involved with the decision-making process and has input into the finished result. If you are completely averse to “hands-on” organizing, we can still find a way to help.

How Do I Know This Will Work For Me?

Many clients are concerned that they will invest time and effort and not achieve results. The only clients that can’t get organized are the clients that are not ready.

How Do I Know If I Am Ready?

Try a simple experiment: Find a category of items such as socks, books, or something that you definitely have too much of. Assemble them all in one place and then ask yourself if you are willing to part with at least as many of the items it takes to have ample storage for said item. If you sense a lot of resistance, you may struggle with the organizing process.

Also try this: Select something that you tend to lose track of but need quite often. Keys or scissors are a good example. Make a firm decision about where to store them. Put them back where they belong 100% of the time. Enjoy the organized feeling! If you are unable to do this, you may struggle with maintaining a system.

How Does the Process Work?

Each project is unique. We follow our Ideal Proven Process to get you the results you desire.

What If I’m Embarrassed?

We are professionals, we do not judge. The dentist doesn’t judge us if we have a bad tooth. We don’t judge your space! (and by the way, we’ve probably seen worse!)

What If I’m the Only One in My Home Who Wants to Get Organized?

This can be tough but we are experts at finding the ‘Pain Points’ to move toward success for everyone in the family.

What If My Project Is Too Difficult?

We haven’t found one yet!

Is There Anyone You Are Unable To Help?

Those with Hoarding Disorder should also seek professional psychiatric help.

What Form Of Payment Do You Accept?

Cash, Credit Cards, and various payment apps.

What Is It Like To Work With You?

Some of our clients are a little nervous at first. Most are laughing and having fun by the afternoon of the first day!

Do You Provide References?

Gladly! We have many happy clients who would be happy to speak with you upon request. In the meantime, here are some testimonials.

How Are You Different From a Housekeeper?

Most housekeepers do not provide this service but will keep your belongings clean whether you can find them or not. We are skilled at creating enough space for your belongings and in a location that is convenient for you to maintain so that your home remains organized with less effort. We give back peace of mind, freedom and time. 

Does My Home Need to be Pristine to be Organized?

You would be surprised how many homes look immaculate until you open a drawer or cabinet. This is pure form over function. We strive to give you both at the level of perfection that is just right for you!

How Long Has Ideal Organizing + Design Been in Business?

Since 2009. Our team as a whole has decades of experience!