Home Organizing

Home Organizing

Specializing in home organization including custom organization for kitchens, pantries, cabinets, bathrooms, vanities, bedrooms, closets, playrooms. Services include sorting, resetting, clutter elimination, donating and recycling. We will help you to get organized and give back to you peace of mind, freedom and time!

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A Sample of Our Services

  • Organize and style rooms including bedrooms, bathrooms, and family rooms.
  • Organize kitchens
  • Sort and arrange closets and dressers
  • Color coordination of clothing and linens
  • Tidy garages to ensure accessibility
  • Install storage units and shelving
  • Efficient and stylish product placement
  • Discard and disposal of unwanted belongings
  • Desktop de-cluttering
  • Mail and file management
  • Equipment and software installation and set up
  • Paper management and secure document removal

Home Organizing Packages

Supremely Ideal 25% off Full Price

18 total days with a team of 2 Ideal Professional Organizers.
(10 or more days initially and 1 day biweekly for 4 months of maintenance and coaching.) “I want a complete organizing makeover!” This package will change your life. Our team will work relentlessly until your entire space is organized and then we will work with you coaching you on the habits that will keep your space functional and beautiful between visits. You will know where all your belongings are and how to keep your space supremely organized. This is a “Basement to Attic” service that includes a full house cleaning at the completion of initial services as our gift to you.

Specifically Ideal 20% off Full Price

5 days with a team of Ideal Professional Organizers
You have some organizing skills but can’t seem to get your space to where you would like it. When we are finished, you will have a home with professionally designed spaces and systems that are easy to maintain. If you choose ongoing support, you will receive in home visits or Virtual Services at the package hourly discount rate.

Simply Ideal 10% off Full price

3 days with a team of Ideal Professional Organizers
Procrastinate no more! You will be amazed at how much you can accomplish with our team. 1 or 2 large “problem areas” in your home such as a garage or attic or several rooms, closets and cabinets will be cleaned out, sorted and restored to spaces that you can love. Ongoing support will be offered at the discounted rate.


This is a great way to tackle a small space such as a kitchen pantry, busy utility area or a child’s closet or play area.

Several hours with a team of Ideal Professional Organizers. Get immediate results beginning with a 30-minute consultation followed by onsite organizing with a team of two organizers. Removal of unwanted items to be donated or recycled plus 30 minutes of follow up coaching to ensure success is included.

“The team came in with caring, compassion, and kindness and helped me create a calm and comfortable space for my family. IOD definitely went above and beyond! The team shared their visions for each space before making changes, and everything looks amazing! Follow-up visits are a great way to help stay on track.”