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Excellent job in packing my glassware. Their help reduced the stress of moving.

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Successful Senior Downsize and Move

Hiring Ideal Organizing + Design was like having another family member to help with my parents’ long-distance move and online estate auction.

We live 12-14 hours away from our aging parents and it was time for them to transition into a better living situation closer to us. My parents’ home was in Williamsburg and the local company we were originally going to use was unavailable on short notice. 

Communication with Ideal Organizing was so easy from the very beginning. I was immediately put in touch with a team of professionals. Julie, who managed the auction, paid attention to every detail and constantly went above and beyond. She even found a missing box of precious photos on the auction day and went out of her way to send them to us.

The house is now empty, clean, and tidy and listed on the market. My parents are in a community nearby. Ideal Organizing brought an efficient solution to what seemed like an impossible situation. We couldn’t have done it without you. Honestly, my parents would not have moved. ~J.D.

Life Changing Service

This service is life-changing! I hired Ideal Organizing + Design to help me deal with paperwork, toys, and general disorganization.

I had been dealing with the death of my father and was having a lot of anxiety from too much clutter. Also, my son has special needs so keeping toys in order is always a challenge.

There was a time when I was so overwhelmed with work papers that I just couldn’t get it straightened out. I knew I could be more successful and it was time to ask for help.

My team, Marguerite and Julie, were very reliable, efficient, and on time. They were empathetic, compassionate, and nonjudgmental. They also had no problem working on the toys while my son was around.

With all of my paperwork organized I have doubled my numbers at work but the real value comes from the peace of mind I now have. The mind does not operate optimally when one’s environment is cluttered.

My husband thought I was wasting money on this service. I am also frugal and believe me,  I would not have invested in this project if it wasn’t worth it. It was.

They had extra time so we used it to organize and declutter the shed. My husband was jumping up and down when he saw the results! Thank you Ideal Organizing + Design.  -T.O.

Highly Recommended Senior Move Managers

I decided to downsize and move into an older adult community. I hadn’t moved in a long time but I do remember moving to Virginia from up North and those movers weren’t nearly as helpful as Julie, Michael, and Selena, my team of senior move managers.

The benefit of using the Ideal Organizing + Design is that they took almost all of the burden off of me. There were so many things that I just didn’t have to worry about.

Everything went so smoothly and they are really nice people. I highly recommend this service! – J. F.

They took away my stress and helped me achieve my goals!

In the past eleven years, I have moved from a 3800 sq foot home to an 1850 sq foot space, and more recently to a 1400 sq foot space. I had successfully managed both moves except for one room and two closets. The detritus of the recent move had landed there and each time I tried to tackle it I would walk in and say, “I just can’t do it, and walk out”!  

Though the rest of my apartment was beautiful and complete, the chaos in those spaces was out of control. I felt that the apartment was incomplete and having those unorganized spaces weighed on my mind.

My daughter offered to help but I wanted to have full control over all the decisions. She has worked with professional organizers and suggested this option.

I didn’t know what to expect. My team from Ideal Organizing + Design, Julie and Marguerite, arrived and were very punctual both days. When they came in, they went right to work on the closets and I could feel the stress lifting. I participated in the project and we worked well together. They helped me make decisions on what to keep and what to donate or discard. 

Everything, including my files, is now labeled in large print so I can easily read it. They also helped me realize my design plan for the room.

I was delighted when the project was finished and when they walked out, I finally felt that my apartment was complete!

My mind and thinking are now in order. M.T.


It Was So Worth It!

Before Ideal Organizing + Design (IOD) came, I was overwhelmed by my stuff. I had not been able to work on my computer at my desk for two years, because so much paper had accumulated there. In addition, I had bins of papers, manuals, letters, old bills, etc. My attempts to sort always ended in my doing very little and not putting a dent in it or quitting in frustration. Also, I craft and sew, but could find no space to enjoy my hobbies because I had so many disorganized piles in my way. My cluttered spaces caused me anxiety and tears at times. I could not find things and would end up buying double. 

The organizers from IOD came on time and wasted no time. They know their job. They delivered what they promised. They sorted and pared down the paperwork to just what was necessary to keep for my records, in very little time. The process moved along at a steady pace. I can’t imagine going through someone else’s stuff and sorting it because I could not successfully do my own. These ladies did that for me.

My trepidation was that I would be pushed and prodded to let go of everything. No worries. I never felt pressured or judged. That was big! I was always in charge. 

The team really are ideal professional organizers. They separated, sorted, labeled, and organized the things I kept, while boxing, bagging, and removing those items that I was tossing or donating. Everything is labeled, neat, and in a container and/or shelved. All this was accomplished in 12 hours over two days. If I could, I would have them come routinely for my entire house! Having that project done was so freeing and calming for me. It was like a relaxing vacation.

Now, I can actually sew and work at my craft table or my desk. I would recommend them to anyone who is struggling with too much stuff, downsizing, or needing to restore order to chaos. They can really help you get your life back, and quickly. I believe a good percentage of the planet needs Ideal Organizers. It was SO WORTH IT!!  D.B.


Periodic Organizing Maintenance

I have been working with Ideal Organizing Solutions since 2015! This may be the 5th time I’ve had them back to help with “organizational maintenance” of our home to keep up with our ever-changing family needs. The professional staff arrived at my home on time. They listened to my “vision” and specific needs of our family. We, once again, have very functional, attractive spaces that my family will enjoy and feel comfortable in. I plan to continue having them back to help us as our family and our needs change.  M.H.


I Learned So Much!

I love your business and just want you to know you have three fabulous employees! Thank you so much for letting me have them!  So happy with the service. From day one, I was delighted with the advice given to me by Michael, Marguerite, and Julie. Not only did they get everything done, but they taught me some really valuable life lessons about accumulated belongings, habits, and more. I enjoyed their company so much!  Michael, as usual, went above and beyond and I especially appreciated this because I would have had no other way to keep my bookshelves without his help.

Everyone was just great. Thank you to all of you.  J.W.  


Every Member of our Military Family Benefitted

We are a military family and consequently, we move a lot. We have three young children and have been hauling around many obsolete belongings. Our latest home has a nice garage that was intended for my classic car which is precious. My husband and I also wanted a crafting workshop with ample space between it and “my baby!” Instead, the space was filled to the rafters with stored belongings and the crafting table was completely buried. 

Additionally, our 11 and 8 years old girls share a bedroom. My 11-year-old daughter is naturally tidy and was frustrated with her younger sister who has ADHD. The bedroom was often in disarray and crowded with too many toys.

We kept thinking that we could tackle these projects ourselves but we never quite found enough time. Neither of us handles clutter perfectly, but my husband is especially disturbed by chaos. I came up with the idea to hire an outside organizer in order to help him get out from under the stress our clutter was causing him. He was supportive of the idea.

The biggest benefit of hiring the Ideal Organizing team was a fresh set of eyes on all the items that we had been living with for so long, not to mention the extra hands! They were adept at maximizing the space, establishing categories, and designating specific, practical storage solutions.

Our team, Adrienne and Amy were so fun to work with. They kept me motivated because I knew they would be working with me until we got this done. They suggested getting rid of unwanted stuff without making me feel coerced. Having help makes decisions easier. It was cathartic letting go of things that were weighing us down, and we won’t have to move that excess stuff again!

My husband came home from work and he was like a kid in a candy store with his newly organized space. He has already begun a new crafting project which is contained well away from my cherished classic car. My daughters can keep their bedrooms organized because the systems are easier and there is more space. They can now use the room for quiet time and do homework there if they like.

With this huge psychological burden lifted, I have felt a burst of motivation. I now know what can be accomplished and have started working on extraneous paperwork. Thank you Ideal Organizing for supporting our progress towards our organizing goals! – J. D.


Expert Senior Downsizing and Move Management Service 

My mother, who is an older adult, needed to move from her Norfolk condo to an independent living community. Although we were able to successfully downsize to the essentials, I didn’t feel that I could handle all the logistics of the actual move itself and was feeling overwhelmed.

I hired Ideal Organizing + Design, a Professional Organizing and Senior Move Management company to handle the move and I’m glad I did. As soon as I met Michael Gettier, who is outstanding, I realized they were very professional, helpful, and knew what they were doing. All the stress was gone because they were so organized! Mom was able to sit and relax while making her own decisions. They completely packed up the old condo, hired and coordinated with the movers, and best of all, unpacked everything and put Mom’s belongings away in the same places she was used to having them. 

I highly recommend Ideal Organizing + Design to anyone facing a challenging move. J.M.


Compassionate Senior Downsizing Assistance 

My elderly mother had been living in a one-bedroom apartment, and sadly had a fall. Because she is in her nineties, we placed her in a nursing home where she will be safe and well cared for.

Since she wasn’t coming home, I had to figure out how to empty out her former home and this was a totally new experience. I didn’t know what I was doing, so I called Ideal Organizing + Design for help. 

The project was seamless. IOD did it all while I was able to sit and direct. They cleaned up and organized everything. The team guided me through what to keep, what to donate, and what to toss. They were able to look at it objectively, which made the job efficient.

I want to personally thank Tria, Michael, Julie, and Amy for all your help and hard work. I enjoyed this difficult time as much as was possible and would recommend them to anyone who needs organizing or senior moving help. –Y.G.


They Were Able to Organize My Garage So I Can Keep it That Way

My garage had become filled with many unused belongings and I was unable to handle this project myself. I have always enjoyed order and organization and it was bothering me that I didn’t quite know where everything was in that space. The Ideal Organizing + Design team showed up and made sure I was cozy and warm in my comfortable chair where I was able to supervise and be available to answer questions. Marguerite was very personable and extremely business-like. I also enjoyed conversing with Michael as he understood my desire that all belongings have a ‘place to live.’ We made it fun by making sure that every item has a ‘Zip Code!’ They both gave me ideas that I would not have thought of for myself and helped me to decide what items to cast away. My garage is now organized. The team left it clean and in neat order and everything now has a Zip Code. I would recommend Ideal Organizing + Design to anyone needing help. I now have peace of mind! – E.W.


Unpacking Help

Very impressed with the company. They did an excellent job helping to unpack, organize, and decorate my home following a move. Highly recommended! – M. M.

“I hired IOD because of their excellent reviews and fair pricing. I have mobility issues, so I desperately needed unpacking and organizing help. It would have taken me 6 months to do what the IOD team did in 2 days. The process took less time than I thought. We found many items thought to be lost, including cash!  I can now move safely through my home. The team was fun to work with because they were non-judgmental and easy going! ” – D. L.


Sorting and Donating Unused and Excess Belongings

“I am so pleased that I hired IOD! My house looked great on the surface but I always knew that I could have a more efficient home. Recently, I was struggling with closets and rooms that were filling up with belongings. I was starting to get anxiety when I thought about tackling this project alone. IOD did most of the physical work hauling a tremendous number of items away for donation or trash. They helped me make decisions that I could not or wouldn’t have made on my own. My house is finally the way I want it to be. They were extremely friendly and put me at ease. I didn’t feel at all embarrassed or uncomfortable, even though I thought I might be due to all the now useless things I’d kept. IOD definitely exceeded my expectations and I was even inspired to tackle my own master closet after they left. I can finally say that my house is the way I want it to be. Most importantly of all, my girls are comfortable and happy in our home!” S.B. 

Referred by a Friend

“I heard about IOD from a friend of mine. I appreciated the fact that they were punctual, prepared, and they were very professional in the way they encouraged the disposal of certain things and the way they assisted in the organization of anything that stayed. They were kind, mature, sensitive, and super-efficient. Nobody wasted any time at all, which I really appreciated. I feel so much better, after having spent 2 full days with them. There’s hope, there’s space, and there are empty shelves. I’m definitely going to use IOD again and I am going to specifically ask for the same two people that helped us. They were just that good!” – K.F.


I Would Hire Ideal Organizing + Design Again

“The biggest benefit of working with the IOD team was their personal attention. I hired them out of desperation. I had too much to handle alone and it was very overwhelming. The team was delightful to work with. They know exactly what they’re doing. They are fast, efficient, and considerate. My whole house was organized in 4 days and I would absolutely hire them again.” B.R.

 “The gentleman you sent, Michael, out-did himself in the variety of tasks he performed. I will want your services again about the first of February and will be in touch then. A million thanks! – A. S.


 I Felt Safe and Comfortable

“I decided to hire the IOD team because I felt the work that needed to be done was too much for me. After reading the company’s reviews, I knew this was the company for me. I appreciated my meet and greet with Tria because she took the time to understand my needs. They were very prompt, professional, friendly, and they worked hard all day, each day. Most important to me, I did not feel that I needed to watch them. I was very comfortable being in a different room (and I was most of the day) and didn’t worry about things disappearing. I felt that my belongings were in safe hands. My items are organized/packed and I am no longer feeling overwhelmed from having to do so much.” K. R.


Helped During a Medical Recovery

“Tria came out and talked to me and I was able to ask her numerous questions. I felt very comfortable with her and that’s what lead me to go with IOD. The team helped me get a jump start because I had broken my leg and my belongings were piled everywhere. They did what they said they would do and helped get me organized. The team members that came had good personalities. Michael was very enjoyable company. He put a few things together for me and even had me laughing, which made it very enjoyable. I was very pleased with everything. It was worth the money because I really needed a kick start. – C. A.


My Unusable Space is Now Functional

“Due to being overwhelmed with everything else in my life, the rooms weren’t getting themselves done. So, I researched and found Ideal Organizing + Design. When some personal life events happened, I decided that it would be worth it to pick up extra shifts at work to save up and pay for the IOD team to come. I got rid of a lot of trash and donated a ton of extra belongings that I realized I didn’t need. I now have 2 functional rooms (a huge craft room over the garage and a new guest bedroom) that were not functional before I hired IOD. Hiring IOD gave me an overall sense of peace about everything and allows me to spend my spare time with my granddaughter.” – J.S.


I Gained a Better Outlook

“I needed help from the IOD team because I was so stressed out and depressed. It was nice to have a team of people helping me. During the consultation, when Tria walked around, the experience was non-judgmental and she was very flexible and willing to hear me out. She listened to all of my needs and worked around them. When the IOD team came to my home they were very professional and friendly. They made everything easy and stress-free. It was a very good and enjoyable experience. Everything makes sense now that it’s organized. They helped me pack everything nicely and that made it easy to move everything out.” J.F.


Organized Children’s Areas

“IOD was the fastest company to return my call. I needed help right away and their team came to the rescue! I had become complacent and I could no longer see solutions. I had been living with clutter for so long that I needed a fresh set of eyes. I finally have a guest room that doesn’t have toys all over it as well as a dedicated space for my kids’ toys. The team also helped me regain use of my linen closet and now I can actually find my linens!”  -C. A.

“I have a son with Autism and I wanted to get everything organized for him. Trying to get things organized with his needs was tricky. I tried to do it on my own and things kept building up. So, I was glad to have help with getting organized. The IOD Team helped me get rid of a lot of stuff that I really didn’t need. My place is more organized now and I’m able to relax more.L.K.


Ideal Organizing + Design was Responsive

“IOD was the only organizing company to respond to me. The team came in and put a system in place and was very helpful in getting out clutter, I was able to get rid of so much! That gave me more space to be able to function more efficiently. Now I can keep my space in order. The team members were extremely helpful.”  C. A.


I Gained Motivation and a New Art Studio

“I was overwhelmed and couldn’t figure out where to start. I just couldn’t bring myself to do it myself. I now have a well-organized and useable space/room. Prior to IOD’s services, it was simply a storage space. I am now able to locate what I need when I need it and have less stress in my life. I am really enjoying being able to relax and do artwork in my “NEW” studio!” – Denise



“I have battled with clutter and a lack of home routine for most of my adult life. The team came in with caring, compassion, and kindness and helped me create a calm and comfortable space for my family. IOD definitely went above and beyond! The team shared their visions for each space before making changes, and everything looks amazing! They attempt to re-purpose before recommending new purchases. I would have paid twice what I paid them buying more stuff that I thought would fix my clutter. Instead, I was able to get rid of the unnecessary and use what I already had. The follow-up visits are a great way to help stay on track.” – Kristen


Ideal Organizing + Design has a Skilled Team

“IOD was the only company to call me back. Right away, I liked the way Tria spoke and explained the process that they follow. She has an amazing team and everyone brought something to the table. The team was very knowledgeable when it came to assembling & disassembling. They were very organized, professional, and extremely reassuring when I was down on myself. It was very hard for me some days because I am disabled, but the team worked with me and I learned to spread out the days that they came so there wasn’t too much on my plate at once. I actually plan to follow up with her and have the team come back again.” – A.C.


Relocating and Moving Help

“I have hired IOD twice and I am beyond pleased with their work. The biggest challenge that I faced was the aftermath of cleaning out three houses within one year. The IOD Team can organize chaos. I enjoyed the experience because long term goals have become short term goals. We achieved a reduction of possessions, organization of the household and I received solid advice.” – Tony

“I’m no longer feeling overwhelmed from having so much to do” – Kathy

“I was desperate, moving from a four-bedroom house to a two-bedroom apartment, then a one-bedroom. I had lot’s of stuff and no room. Tria and the team worked a miracle in two weeks, coming back every month to keep it up. A hard-working angel. I look forward to a clean apartment and organized space when Tria and her team show up. No more disaster! Now I have peace.” – Bobbi

“I couldn’t have started this process without IOD, I needed a helping hand. I’ve enjoyed moving forward on projects (making progress).” – Marcia

“The IOD team was very efficient and communicated well. They sought my opinion on all installation aspects and went far and beyond. Thanks for a job well done!” – Virginia

“Team was prompt. Ready to work. They worked efficiently and with purpose.” – Crista


They Go Above and Beyond

“Tria is such a special lady. I am a Stay-At-Home-Mom and Submarine Wife so our budget is of extreme importance as is my time. She not only worked with me, she took texts, made suggestions, and gave me more helpful advice than I was expecting. She is making my home improvement keep going, even when I get frustrated, and she honestly, truly cares. She’s phenomenal.” – Crystal

“The team is kind, considerate, and wonderful to work with. I enjoyed how they listened to my concerns and came up with great solutions! I felt very comfortable and trusted the IOD team in my home. They are completely dependable and punctual. I would recommend them!” – Tricia

“Tria and her team were highly professional, knowledgeable, and helpful. I also appreciated how quick and efficient they were.” – Megan

“You could not ask for better help getting organized, no matter what your project. Tria had great ideas, was very encouraging, and motivated me to do a lot of the work myself: thus saving me money. If you’ve got a project you just dread tackling, I highly recommend you give her a try. You won’t be disappointed.” Vivien

“All I can say is WOW!” – Pat

“Tria and her team are impressive at what they do. If you need help getting organized, they are the company to call!” – Keilyn

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