The Ideal Proven Process


The I-D-E-A-L Proven Process ensures the success of your organizing project and gives back your peace of mind, freedom, and time.  Our Ideal process ensures we are with you throughout your project from a thorough introduction to sensible decluttering, the right elimination, skilled arranging, and continued support. Here’s how it works!



This begins with your first phone call to us. We will take your contact info and schedule a time within 48 hours to get to know each other, decide if we are a good fit, and discuss what happens next.


This step begins the real physical work. Our team will work with you to pull out and assemble all items that belong in each space and sort out what does not belong.


Store elsewhere, gift, donate or dispose of. When we are finished with this step, you will only have what you love and need.


Not only will you have what you love and need, but you’ll also know where to find it and where to put it away. It will look beautiful and when everything has a “home,” it’s easier to stay organized.


This is how you protect your investment of time and money. We will continue to work with you at an interval of your choosing. Most clients need a lot of help getting organized and some help staying organized. Our maintenance packages offer value for this very important step in the organizing process.

What it’s Like to be Organized?

Here’s an example of what it feels like to be organized. You wake up several minutes before the alarm goes off. You have slept 7-9 blissful hours and feel well-rested. You have arranged your schedule so that you have a little ‘me’ time before others start making demands on you. Your morning routine is easy because there is an efficient system in place for everything. Your day progresses at your pace because you have control of your time and space. When unexpected important and urgent events come up, as they will, you are prepared to deal with them because you have clarity of thought and are not already in stress mode.