Space Planning

Space Planning Services

Is your space optimized for your current needs? IOD provides space planning services to identify and explore solutions for the problem areas in your home or workspace.

Beginning with a consultation to assess your needs, goals and budget we explore customized solutions and provide a plan in advance to ensure your satisfaction. We produce visual aids such as drawings or 3D models to communicate design intent and listen to your feedback.  

Depending on the scope-of-work, our staff can complete all or part of the installation or provide recommendations for a skilled specialty contractor when needed. 

We will manage your project, whether small or large, ensuring that you have a functional and organized space designed to your satisfaction.

Steps to achieving your new space may include:

  • In-home consultation

  • As-built measurements 

  • Product research and/or procurement

  • Design proposal presentation with options, client participation and feedback

  • Plan presentation

  • Site preparation 

  • Installation 

  • Project management

  • Decor

Space Planning