A Yellow, Black, and Grey Living Room with a Purple Couch in a Model Home

A yellow accent wall sits behind the flat screen tv and a three piece tv stand. There are square, tapered, tall, glass vases on top of the two tallest black tv stands. Above the tv hangs a black and white five piece, large decorative card set. On the other two grey walls rests grey curtains, two windows, and three abstract artworks. Two black and white, zigzag striped chairs look away from the tv to the couch. They both have a round yellow and grey pillow with a yellow button in the middle on them. The couch is a deep purple with yellow and grey, square, abstract pillows on it. Behind those pillows are a cream haired, decorative pillow. Between everything, there is a oval, glass with black supports table. The table has knick knacks and candles on it. Beside the couch, there is a chrome base table for drinks, but right now, it has a fern on it. The floor is a grey carpet.