Organizing Love

An Organizer’s Love Affair with…Organizing

I’m often quoted as having once said, ‘I would rather clean out a closet than go on vacation!’


This statement, which I made over 10 years ago while cleaning out someone else’s cluttered closet, continues to confound and astound many people. Why on earth would anyone rather clean out a closet than go on vacation? I would! And quite simply, here is why:


 I have a passion for Peace of Mind, Freedom, and Time


It’s the Peace of providing for others through the blessing of our overabundance. It’s the reward felt by doing for others by dropping off unneeded or unused items to someone who will be grateful to receive them and be excited to bring them home.

It’s the Freedom of not having to locate a place for extra belongings and rearranging things (again) to keep everything accessible. It’s the ease of going into a closet or opening a cabinet and being able to see, access, and most of all, return everything easily. It’s the beauty of seeing everything in its intended place and as it should be. 

It’s the Time saved through systems that make it simple to consistently find things, get things out, and put things away. It’s the feeling of being unburdened by too many seldom-if-never-used belongings, taking up too much space and time…and the list goes on and on. 

And the list of rewards goes on and on, too. Many clients who have streamlined and organized belongings report more joy from the act of generosity, more financial freedom from buying less, more contentment from having less to take care of, and less anxiety due to having more space, both physically and mentally. 

The act of freeing up physical space becomes a catalyst for freeing up mental space. The reward of decluttering physical space influences our mental space resulting in increased clarity, serenity, and well-being. The love in our relationships grows, our creativity blossoms and we return to true joy. And after all, isn’t that what vacations are supposed to do?  


Everyone at Ideal Organizing + Design is thrilled that our work instills the same passion in our clients and while I’m sure some would still opt for a vacation over organizing, I was delighted when recently receiving a client thank-you note expressing their love affair with our organizing service. It read, ‘Having that (organizing) project done was so freeing and calming for me. It was like a relaxing vacation.’

Sounds like she agrees with me! Happy Organizing!

By Amy Chewey

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