Did You Keep Last Year’s Resolution to Get Organized and Stay Organized?

Are you like most of us? The year begins with great goals and good intentions. Holiday decor is taken down, extra time is spent at the gym with plans to once-and-for-all organize our paperwork, and schedule annual screenings on time. We return to our post-holiday routines and responsibilities and before we know it, spring is on the horizon. It’s getting time to enjoy the great outdoors that our lovely location provides, but winter projects are not yet complete. The last of the holiday decor is yet to be stored properly, winter shoes and coats are piling up in the entry and have lost their organizational system, workout clothing has become unmanageable, our records are not optimally organized and we’ve yet to schedule appointments. If you want this year to be the year that your organizing resolutions stick, giving you more free time and productivity, now is the time to initiate the right systems to make this year different. 


Here are our Best Organizing Tips for the New Year!


Products make things easier. Are your belongings in disarray? Sometimes a few simple products can make life easier and more productive. Cloth drawer organizers can help you find your workout clothing quickly so you’re not late for the new class you signed up for. Having a place for each tank top and t-shirt makes selecting one and putting them away easier. A shoe organizer in the mud room will give each person a designated place to store their everyday shoes and prevent tripping over items on the way in and out the door.


Make your system work for you. Papers related to auto registration and insurance, healthcare, home maintenance, loans, etc. should flow easily into and through your process of receiving mail and documents, completing tasks that the documents required, and finally, keeping records. If this is a problem area for you perhaps you want to create a better inbox and outbox system, calendar your tasks, or change from a filing to a binder system or vice versa. In other words, a better system to manage your personal business. There are also financial management Apps or perhaps employ a Personal Business Coach to implement the optimal system for you! 


Space Plan for Storage. Are your closets optimized to fit what you need? Decor, clothing, games, cleaning supplies…the items to be stored seem endless! Consider going through your belongings and keeping only what you need. Sometimes reorganizing what you have will fix the problem, and sometimes adding simple items such as  risers, closet bins and shelving will help. Measure the items you need to own and compare that to the areas of storage space you have available to ensure you don’t have overflow. 


Hang Your Artwork Like a Professional. Do you have a stack of artwork and pictures taking up space? Now is the time to hang them. Getting organized for this type of project can be tricky. You’ll need the right supplies, the right measuring techniques, and the right decor ideas. Check our article on proper art hanging for motivation and steps to properly achieve the look you want.


Legacy and Memorabilia Solutions – Why Wait?  Have you been wanting to consolidate and update a mountain of memorabilia? Do you have reels, slides, VHS tapes and CDs which have become difficult to view? Consider employing a service to digitize them. Your treasured memories can be transferred to the cloud and to a thumb drive so you can share them with family. Loved ones will thank you! Pass along meaningful items to interested parties, donate items that no longer serve you and take photos of oversized items that you don’t have space for. 


Plan for Organizing Maintenance. Regular maintenance is a must to stay organized. Busy weeks and household members who are not on board can wreak havoc on the best organizing systems. Set time aside periodically on your calendar to address this important re-organizing task. It will save you time and increase your productivity in the long run!


Make the most of the winter months and you will be streamlined and ready to take on all the fun activities that come with Spring. If you prefer, enlist the help of experienced experts to put the above systems into place so that next year you won’t need to make the same organizing resolutions!


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