How a Professional Organizer Can Save You Time and Money Organizing Your Personal Paperwork!

Is Paperwork and Personal Business Out of Control…Again?

What is Personal Business? 

Simply put, our personal business consists of the finances and calendar that apply to our personal life. In today’s world,  a disciplined and consistent system needs to be in place to keep up with everything. Tasks include time management around our health, family, and friends, and keeping track of paperwork including tax documentation, bills, statements, insurance policies, important time-sensitive correspondence, etc.

With tax season upon us, it will become apparent if  our personal paperwork and business are not as organized as they should be. Being unable to easily locate documents needed for tax filing, paying late fees on bills and registrations, and making unnecessary recurring payments are just some of the symptoms  that our personal business could be better managed. In fact, these are also signs that significant money and time are being wasted and that tracking systems need to be improved. 

Here are Ways to Make Lasting Improvements That Save Time and Money

DIY For those who are ready to DIY, taking a day or so to revamp and organize systems may be all that is needed. There is no wrong way here. Whether you set up online accounts and enroll in autopay, create email folders and digital calendars with due dates, or simply get a good planner that you will use, label paper trays, and clean out files, if it works for you, it is the right approach. 

Automate For organizing finances, going fully-digital and enrolling in a budget management system such as Quicken, Rocket Money or Mint is another option. These apps are available for a charge or for free.

Personal Business Organizer For others, the right approach is to hire a Personal Business Organizer or Manager who will identify and set up an efficient and user-friendly system that’s right for them. Personal Business Organizers are professional organizers who specialize in the intricacies  of personal paperwork and timekeeping systems, both hardcopy and digital. That includes but is not limited to, mail and email, recurring and individual bill payments, managing insurance policies, optimizing credit terms, budgeting, document storage, technology assistance, task and behavioral follow-up coaching, and the list goes on and on…

Hiring a Personal Business Organizer may sound like an unnecessary expense, but it can save a lot of time and money in the long run. Busy professionals, young adults, and older adults all benefit from having support in this area. Many busy professionals hire house cleaning and/or meal services to keep up,  while financial responsibilities remain unattended. As these duties  can be more time-consuming than cleaning the home, the investment is worth it. Young adults will benefit by starting their financial lives with the right tools and processes that will pay dividends over a lifetime. Older adults may lack technology skills and find keeping track increasingly difficult. It then falls on family members to help thereby adding to their own personal business challenges.

Imagine reducing paperwork, automating unnecessary tasks, never missing an engagement or due date by having a reminder system that works for you (there are many ways to do this!), and feeling confident that you haven’t missed or forgotten something. The rewards are peace of mind, freedom, and time.

Those who avail themselves of this service realize that the time and money gained back are worth the investment!

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