Organizing Maintenance

How Does Organizing Maintenance Work?

Wouldn’t it be great if your home and office were always organized? Imagine if everything had an easy-to-find place, and everyone consistently stored items where they belonged. Periodically, a professional organizer would come in to optimize systems and provide coaching on habits and behaviors that maintain and improve organization. Truthfully, it is much easier to stay organized than to get organized.

What it takes to GET organized?

The process of getting organized can be costly in both time and money, but going it alone can make getting there next to impossible, costing even more in time and money in the long run. Many years of physical belongings have piled up. Lack of time, bad habits, or complacency make the situation worse. Professional organizers are experts who come in and help clients to make good decisions about how their belongings will be stored to maximize space, create easy access, and plan for future use.

When finished, all items have a designated storage space, and the home or office is decluttered, organized, and aesthetically pleasing. Depending on the client’s willingness, behavioral changes, necessary to implement and maintain the organization and systems, are suggested.

Once complete, it is up to the client and whoever else shares the space to maintain order. But what if it doesn’t stick Truthfully, it is much easier to stay organized than to get organized. Without ongoing guidance, some individuals and families struggle to keep things in their place or start to accumulate more items again without having the right storage solutions. Life gets busy and some family members won’t get on board. New purchases need to be made, and there may to be enough planned storage for them. 

How to STAY organized:

If this continues for too long, disorganization starts to creep back in, and another overhauling may be necessary. This may feel like a failure. After finally getting up the courage to ask for help and hire a professional organizer, it is disappointing to see systems deteriorate. Backsliding is not a catastrophe. If it happens, consider it part of the learning curve and ask for more help. Habits of years don’t change overnight and it’s okay to need more support. 

Once your spaces are beautifully organized, Organizing Maintenance is smart and the best way to protect your initial investment. With this ongoing guidance, individuals and families can successfully keep things in their place and start to acquire more items again with appropriate storage solutions.

Just like employing a housekeeper to clean regularly, having an organizer come in to keep everything decluttered and systematic will upgrade your lifestyle and give back Peace of Mind, Freedom, and Time. At Ideal Organizing + Design we have helped hundreds of families to get organized and now we are helping them to stay organized. 

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