Christmas decorations

How to Organize a Lifetime of Holiday Clutter Now!

As the years pass, many of us have often accumulated a disorganized cache of holiday decorations and related items. Accumulated over time, some items have become heirlooms, but other items may simply be out of style, worn-out, or no longer serve to enhance the beauty of the season. For these reasons, holiday decorations should be sorted annually. Finding time to do this before the holidays, when you are already pulling items out, will be most efficient.

Here’s how to downsize, organize and optimize your supply of once a year décor, streamline the holiday decorating process, and reclaim valuable space:

  1. Find an objective friend or helper. Professional Organizers at Ideal Organizing and Design are experts!
  2. Notify family members that you will be downsizing the holiday decorations this year. If someone wants one of your treasured items, now is the time to let them have it so you can see their joy!
  3. Assess the total amount of items you are currently storing.
  4. Assess the total amount of space you will have or want to use for future decor.
  5. Make space to work in. You will need boxes and/or bags for the following categories: KEEP, GIFT, DONATE, TRASH
  6. Start sorting and making decisions. Categorize each item or set of items and place them in the appropriate box or bag. Consider whether each item enhances or detracts from the holiday setting you want to create.
  7. Work at your own pace and take breaks as needed. Organizing can be exhausting because of the emotional as well as physical work. (This is why it’s so important to have help.)
  8. Remove all but the KEEP items from your home as soon as possible. You can contact a local charity to pick up items or schedule time on your calendar to drop items off at a nearby donation center.
  9. Decorate your home and enjoy your treasures. After the holidays, store, and label everything in an organized fashion. You may want to group all like items together, or you may want to store items according to where items are used when decorating, such as living room, outdoor, tree, etc. Choose the system that works best for you. The point of having decorations is to enhance your holiday experience, not make it a chore.

Hopefully, your holiday items are now exactly as you want them. If the project seems like too much to tackle alone, we are here to help you organize and create a joyous holiday season!


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