Ideal Organizing + Design: How to Style Your Bookcase

How to Style Your Bookcase!

By: Lubbi Saed, IOD Interior Designer

Bookcases are amazing, they hold our favorite books, memories and other precious mementos. However, they can get messy, boring and cluttered at times.  

Below are a few tips to help you decorate and style your bookcase!

Lay them flat

Add a couple sections of books stacked horizontally in between the vertical books, that will give your bookcase a third dimension and bring some fun.  You can add a small vase or plant on top of your horizontal books.

Arrange by color

Since it’s your personal bookcase and we’re not in a library, you can create your own rules and arrange your books by color! You can also add some colorful books between a black pile and a white pile of books. 


If you are looking for a minimalist look and don’t care about how to find a certain book, you can always turn your books back so you see the pages instead of the spine of the books, this look will give you a clean minimal feeling.

Use a bookends

Using a bookend will not only help keep your vertical books in place, but it will also add some style to your bookcase. You can always DIY and custom finish your bookend by spray painting it with your favorite color.

Don’t overfill your bookcase

Make sure to leave some empty space in your bookcase so it doesn’t look cluttered. 

Add some of your favorite items

In between the piles of your books, make sure to add some of your favorite items like a vase, picture frame, sculpture and or a plant. This will keep your bookcase from looking boring. 

Put your favorite books on top

Make sure to put the books you love on top or in an obvious way. It will represent you and reflect your style. 

Finally, there are no rules to how to arrange your bookcase, it’s all about what you love and what makes you happy.

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