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Interior Design Trends That Are Going Out of Style Soon

By: Lubbi Saed, IOD Interior Designer

Trends come and go.  Here are some Interior Design trends that are quickly going out of style. Stay on trend with your decor!


All white furniture

It’s very hard to maintain all white furniture, such as sofas and chairs, and keep them spotless. People end up paying for extra coverage and maintenance cleaning plans which might cost a little too much.

Instead, we recommend that you use natural colors like tan and beige and you will still get the light and airy feel and modern look. 


Open shelving in the kitchen

We always look at that beautiful picture in the magazine with a nice and neat open shelving kitchen and wish we could have that. Keep in mind that open shelving in the kitchen only looks good on Instagram or in a magazine, but in real life – with real kitchenware, it could look cluttered and unattractive.

If you like the light airy look, try opting for a light color wood with frosted glass in your kitchen cabinets.

Vessel sink

Vessel sinks are the sinks where water runs from the faucet into a raised basin or bowl that sits on a flat countertop. 

Unfortunately, this trend is not very sanitary because it’s not easy to clean around the vessel also it’s not user friendly for people with disabilities and kids. 


Faux distressed decor

This trend has been out for a while and has been used way too much. A lot of people have distressed or chalk painted furniture, but unfortunately, most of these pieces can look cheaply made. 

If you want to add some authentic vibe to your interior, try to invest in antique pieces of furniture.  If that sounds expensive, you might want to check some consignment stores, flea market, garage sale or an online website for used antique furniture.


Matching furniture

Matching your sofa with your loveseat and chairs can be expensive and boring at the same time.

Don’t be afraid of mixing your furniture, pair a solid colored sofa with patterned or different color/style accent chairs.  


All gray interior 

For the last few years, gray was the most popular color. Gray has been everywhere in paint, floors, fabrics and accessories. 

A lot of times a gray room can feel gloomy and dull and sometimes depressing. 

If you are looking for a natural pallet, try some warm tones such as beige, tan or even blush to balance out the gray in your space.


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