traditional interior design style

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Contemporary Style

contemporary Interior design style

If you like your home to be clean and open with a lot of neutrals and curved lines, then you most likely have a CONTEMPRORY style.  To achieve a contemporary style be sure to pick a neutral color palette and color block accents like rugs, pillows, art work.  Use simple furniture with linen and silk.  Use geometric patterns in things like accessories, art work and rugs.  Make sure to be generous when using glass and metals.

Classic/Traditional Style

traditional interior design style

If you are all about warm, comfort, classic details, dark finished wood, and a rich color palette, then you have a CLASSIC design style.  To achieve this look be sure to include a variety of textures and curved lines in your design, include velvet, silk and brocade, which may include a variety of patterns and textures.  Use a warm color palette that includes peaches, greens and gold.  You can also incorporate floral prints in pillows, curtains and rugs, decorate with books, chandeliers and wrought iron, mirrors and slip covers.

Bohemian Style

bohemian interior design style

If you prefer a carefree lifestyle with little rules, you like vintage furniture and light fixtures, globally inspired textiles and rugs, then you have a BOHEMIAN style.  To achieve this look, use colorful items to create a purposeful messy look.  Use rich and bright colors and textures.  Use metallic but don’t forget to include earthy colors too.  Layer with rugs and use beads.  The flea markets are a great place to go to achieve a Bohemian style.  Collecting items when travel is also a great idea.

Hollywood Glam Style

Hollywood Glam Interior Design Style

If you like luxurious and dramatic looks and like to make a statement, then your style is HOLLYWOOD GLAM.  To achieve this look, choose a fresh, flirty color palette like blush, cream, silver, gold or metallic.  Add luxe textures like shag, velvet and faux fur.  Add glamorous accents like a statement mirror, bar cart and tufted sofa.

Mid Century Modern Style

Mid Century Modern Interior Design Style 

This style is very similar to contemporary, it uses a lot of neutrals, minimalist silhouettes, and natural materials like wood and linen, giving you a very crisp clean look.  This style comes from the MID-20th CENTURY and it is very geometric and simple.  To achieve this style, always aim for sleek items, include some glass items with wood, linen and natural elements.  This style focuses on lighting, so make sure to have pendants and floor lamps, white empty walls and de-clutter because less is more when it comes to decorating in modern style.

Minimalism Style

Minimalism Interior Design Style

This style is getting very popular these days and it takes modern one step further.  People with a MINIMALISM STYLE only pick the furniture and accessories that they really need.  There is an empty space feeling in a minimalist home, a lot of open space and no clutter.  To achieve this look use a gray and pastel palette, very little artwork and different shades and textures of white.

Coastal Style

Coastal Interior Design Style

If you love the beach and the easy-going way of life near the coast, then you have a COASTAL STYLE.  A coastal home should feel light and airy, a lot of sand colors and bright white, blues and white striped patterns, wicker and light wood detailing.  In this style you would accessorize with seashells, sail boats and navigational maps.

Farmhouse Style

Farmhouse Interior Design Style

This style is full of character and charm, think Chip & Joanna from Fixer Upper style.  FARMHOUSE STYLE usually mixes some vintage pieces with new items.  Add wrought iron and ship-lap.  You can also do a lot of DIY projects to up cycle some items and accessories. Decorate with vantage boxes, bubble lighting and some farm signage.

Written by: Lubbi Saed – Interior Designer

Ideal Organizing + Design Solutions Professional

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