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Is Your Work-From-Home Space Working for You?

As we know the pandemic caused many of us to transition from working in a commercial office space to working from home. Some had to reconfigure their home spaces with little to no notice while others anticipated it would be a more temporary situation. Whether you had no designated home office space or you converted an existing area it may be time to improve upon the workspace you created. Below are a few tips from our interior designer to help make your space more functional and productive.

Make a list of your essential items

Designing a workspace at home can be overwhelming, so start with writing down what you need during a workday and group all the items together. Organize everything near your desk, so it’s easy for you to access it throughout the day. If you have limited space, keep items you need to have handy in a workbag nearby which can be stored away after hours.

Find your style

If you are not sure about your style, search for inspirational pictures on Pinterest to create a space similar to what you like. The style you pick will reflect your personality through objects, colors, and patterns. It is similar to when you’re putting an outfit together and how you mix and match pieces. 

Be comfortable

Working from home and sitting in front of the computer all day can be tough. Make sure to select an ergonomic chair with enough cushion and back support or insert a removable, specialized seat cushion. Include a nice table lamp to get all the light you need in case there’s not enough natural light. 

Decorate your wall

Looking at an empty wall can be tiring, but you can always use some fun family pictures and a corkboard to decorate your wall. If you prefer, include fun photos of friends and family. It’s not only functional, but it will make you smile every time you look at them. Remember to double-check the wall behind you too, to ensure professional virtual meetings!

Use greenery 

Adding plant life to your space will give you the energy and positivity to survive the day! If you don’t have enough sunlight in the space, faux plants will work too. 

Fragrance and candles

Finally, lighting a scented candle or having a diffuser with some essential oil will help you relax, focus, and have a cozy workspace that you can be excited to go to each day!

Interior Designer, Lubbi Saed enjoys the different ways everyone sees and experiences the world. An interior designer for 7 years, Lubbi loves using different colors and materials to watch her clients’ dreams and her vision come alive. Working with contractors and clients directly, her desire is to help people live in an appropriate and attractive space. Contact Lubbi at