Overcoming Barriers to Downsizing

Our homes provide safety, comfort, and memories and that is a good thing! Moving to a different home may initially stir fears of the unknown, of daunting tasks, and of leaving memories behind. Finding the right solutions to get your belongings sorted, decluttered, and organized along with overcoming any blind spots to the positive aspects of a new living environment, can make all the difference in making this transition a great experience. 


Barriers and Blind Spots


Belongings Overwhelm

For some, it can be physically or emotionally daunting to part with much-loved items and to make decisions about paring them down to just the right amount of belongings. Clients with a lifetime of possessions and those who have lost a spouse may find comfort in having outside help come in and, with their special care, consult on what to keep, what to donate or sell, and how to go about accomplishing that. 


Solving the Unknowns

Some of us are not yet aware of all the possibilities. Having a day out to explore communities and what life could look like is a great start. Enlisting local experts who can provide a cost analysis, who know the current market and availability, and who can identify the right potential environments for you is another great way to get started. Making a list of pros and cons for all options can bring clarity so your decision is easier.



Figuring out financials is important. Assess and compare monthly expenses and future costs along with timing and lifestyle and whether that includes living in a community or aging-in-place. If you are relying on family members, it may be necessary to have a conversation to assess if they can provide the amount of assistance you will need. It might also be necessary to consult with an Elder Law Attorney to ensure that you have a sound financial plan in place.


Celebrating What’s Next!

When you find the right fit, a carefree lifestyle awaits you, where you have what you need and love, you can operate safely, and you have the right stimulation and support systems in place. There’s nothing like having the security of knowing your basic needs will be met. Help is available when needed to relieve the burden on your loved ones so they can focus on youThe decision to leave a long-term family home later in life is an important and emotional one, but waiting too long or being held back by fear is not the best strategy. We hope these tips will help to point you in the right direction.



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