Senior Living with Safety and Ease: Expert Design Recommendations

The community of seniors is growing as the older population rapidly increases. Today’s seniors are healthier and more active than before and some may want to enjoy living on their own for as long as they can. It’s very important to create a space that is both safe and easy to live in, because as we grow older we may experience issues with balance, mobility, vision, or hearing.

Here are expert home design tips which incorporate safety into any aging in place plan.

– Create as much open interior space as possible with no furniture blocking the circulation in the room.

-Use chairs with armrests and a little height to make it easier to stand up.

-Avoid area rugs to prevent tripping and falling. Instead, use a soft carpet that is firmly installed.

-As we grow older we may lose some height and reaching objects that are placed above the head level can be challenging. Be sure to place daily use items at a medium height, below eye level, and over knee height as bending can get difficult, too.

-Include a variety of textures in throw pillows, blankets, drapes and other objects. Studies have shown that the sense of touch can stimulate memory.

-Bring joy by including family pictures and memorabilia into the area. Include grandchildren and friends to help select artwork or create collages of favorite pictures. It will be a great memory for both seniors and little ones!

-Select light, calm, neutral paint colors.

-Add bright lighting to allow for reading with ease and safety in hallways and stairways. Under-cabinet lighting in the kitchen is also helpful.

-As we grow older, we start forgetting things more often, so having a board on the wall to write notes can be very beneficial.

Make aging-in-place fun by planning an updated design, including others in the design process, and incorporating safety and cherished memories. When in doubt, ask for help from experts in Senior Home Design and Organization.

Virginia Beach Interior Designer, Lubbi Saed, enjoys the different ways everyone sees and experiences the world. An interior designer for 7 years Lubbi loves using different colors and materials to watch her clients’ dreams and her vision come alive. Working with contractors and clients directly, her desire is to help people live in an appropriate and attractive space. Contact Lubbi at Ideal Organizing and Design