Would You Like to be as Organized as our Military Service Men and Women?

In honor of Military Appreciation Month, we acknowledge and honor the members of the US Military’s ability to remain organized under extreme circumstances. We also seek to learn how our military members maintain and manage the monumental amount of information, equipment, and responsibilities they are tasked with processing on a daily basis. Finally, we share 3 tips from fellow military members to keep documents organized during a move.


Why is Maintaining Organization Crucial to our Military Members? 



It’s a Matter of Life and Death. 

Their lives and the lives of others depend on it! Arriving late for duty, neglecting routine equipment maintenance, or overlooking critical notifications can lead to disastrous outcomes, therefore, strict adherence to responsibilities is imperative. Additionally, cleanliness is essential. If dirt and unclean items accumulate in military work and sleeping spaces, health issues can arise and spread. Not to mention how disorganized materials and supplies pose a significant risk of fire hazards. 


It Reduces Tactical Deficiencies.

Misplacing expensive military parts and equipment leads to costly repurchases and reflects poorly on one’s work quality. Replacing parts is challenging due to limited availability, and the additional time spent ordering and tracking delays increases expenses. The downtime caused by equipment not being in working order hinders training and delays relief for deployed personnel. Moreover, adhering to uniform item requirements that require different pieces for various ceremonies can significantly increase personal costs if misplaced items must be sought and repurchased.


They Have Finite Space.

Space limitations necessitate careful consideration of what to bring, balancing essential items with personal needs and preferences. Military personnel become adept at discerning necessities from luxuries, ensuring that required items are prioritized and easily accessible. This strategic approach allows for efficient use of limited storage or carrying capacity while accommodating additional desired items within manageable and accessible limits.


It’s Required.

For some, being organized in the military comes from the requirements set and lessons learned. Show up without certain items and there will be consequences. This requirement, while demanding, builds skills early on that aren’t mandatory in other careers and perhaps never learned. We see these important skills passed down to our armed forces’ children who then show up for sports practice on time and with all the necessary gear. They don’t keep others waiting and naturally operate well as team members. 

Here’s HOW They Do It.


They Know Their System.

Military members are trained to learn and use a productive organizing system.  Whether it’s through lists, reminders, or specialized platforms, they prioritize the ability to track and manage deadlines, tasks, notes, and thoughts effectively and they know it’s essential. 


Self- Discipline.

They constantly remind themselves of the importance of this discipline, recognizing its critical role especially in life-saving situations. 


Assign Locations.

By assigning specific locations for their belongings and diligently keeping them there, they avoid wasting time searching for items or purchasing unnecessary duplicates.


Regular Review and Reset.

Regularly reviewing to-do lists, promptly putting things away and regularly resettingare key habits cultivated to sustain efficiency and orderliness.


Here are 3 Valuable Military Move Organizing Tips for Documents:


  • The Binder System: Create a handy, portable, and reusable binder with preset tabs for various aspects of your move. Include sections for orders, move-out instructions (for your current location), packing and shipping instructions, move-in instructions for your new location, welcome information, pet requirements, important contacts, and a pocket for vital IDs. This binder can be easily updated and reused for every move, keeping all essential documents organized and accessible. We love this structured approach!

  • The Backpack System: Use a dedicated backpack to gather and store all move-related documents and vital IDs as they are collected. This way, everything is in one place and ready to grab and go when the moving day arrives.

  • A Digital System: While storing documents digitally can save space, it’s wise to keep a hard copy as well for added security. Military members always have a backup plan in place to ensure important information is accessible when needed.


Newer members of the military may initially struggle with organization until they realize the importance of developing or learning reliable systems. So don’t be discouraged—achieving stellar organization is attainable with determination and practice. With persistence and commitment, you can cultivate organizational skills that will serve you well. Keep striving for excellence! And if you want to be as organized as the military…organize like lives depend on it!


As Professional Organizers and Move Managers, we at Ideal Organizing + Design are impressed by the self-discipline and systems used by our service men and women and we are proud to honor them.


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