10 Organizing Tips to Make this Back-to-School Season Your Very Best!

Few things make back-to-school days more appealing to parents and kids than knowing they will awaken to stress-free mornings. Creating an organized system is the key! Set your kids up for success by eliminating the ‘morning search’ and creating a mess-free entry and exit space making for a peaceful transition from home to school and back. A good, preplanned management system for items will ensure you and your kids remain organized and happy.

Here are 10 tips from parents on our organizing team to help you create a pleasant transition back to school.

  1. Install hooks at each of your child’s heights so they can easily hang their own jackets and coats.
  2. Use individual, stackable cubbies or lockers for each child’s backpack, shoes, and activity items so there is a place for everything.
  3. Create a dedicated space for clean masks, used masks, and spare masks. Baskets or bins work well for this.
  4. Initiate an age-appropriate daily plan for lunch boxes. Whether they just bring their lunch box to the sink or clean out and wash all items, keeping their food storage compartments sanitary is a must today.
  5. Keep breakfast and lunch choices healthy, simple and systematic. Save the creativity for weekends and special occasion weekdays.
  6. Provide an organized closet and drawers so your child can be independent when dressing. Make sure they know where their ‘school clothes’ are stored and where their ‘play clothes’ are stored. Keep outgrown, worn out, and clothes that are inappropriate out of reach for stress-free, independent dressing.
  7. Reduce laundry and keep clothing off the floor by creating a dedicated space for clothing that can have ‘one more wear’ before washing. A system of wall hooks, a vertical coat rack, or a large corner basket works well. Provide each child a dedicated laundry basket of ample size to place their dirty clothes.
  8. Pack up before bed. Ensure your child has all possible items in their proper place and ready to go before discretionary screen time or relaxing in bed. If necessary post a written checklist to review together so nothing is missed.
  9. Before the school year begins, set aside at least one ‘getting ready day’ with your kids to sort out clothing and school supplies. Save time at the end of the day for ice cream to reward them for their teamwork!
  10. Stay positive and have fun! If you or your kids get off-track, take the opportunity to fine-tune your plan and reset. Tomorrow is a new school day!

Passing along good organization skills that work for them is an educational lesson that will last your child a lifetime!


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