3 Quick and Easy Closet Organizing Tricks

As organizers, we see all kinds of closets. From large and fancy to small and simple. Regardless of size, organized closets follow the same rules. 


Here are some of our favorite tips to keep your closet organized:


1. Hang Smart

  • Using only uniform hangers makes organizing and maximizing space easier.  We are a fan of velvet hangers because they use minimal space and keep clothing from sliding off and landing on the ground. 
  • Hang everything facing the same direction. If you are right-handed, the front of a garment faces the left wall of your closet. That way when you pull in out with your right hand, you can see the front.
  • Group empty hangers to the far end or middle of your closet. Empty hangers hiding between clothes rob you of valuable space. 
  • Ideally, you should have ample space between each hanger. Then you can swoosh everything to the side to access items in the back of the closet. 


2. Use ALL Space

  • Store your less frequently used items higher up using a shelf organizer
  • If you have a really high ceiling, consider installing another half shelf even higher up. You can still see everything, but it’s out of the way. 
  • The space under hanging shirts is often overlooked. You can purchase a two-tiered rack to get more hanging space or stack shoe organizers, which come in many shapes and sizes. 
  • Install solid hooks spaced about eight inches apart along the back wall for bags and purses. 
  • Keep scarves that take up valuable space at one end. 
  • If you are really pressed for space this door organizer would be helpful, but make sure you have enough space to close the door!




3. Don’t buy it if you don’t have available space to store it. 

  • Take a break from shopping if your closet is already too crowded. Each purchase requires additional time to manage the item so if you are struggling, this is an easy fix. 
  • Pare down to the number of items that you can functionally use in the storage space that is available to you. 
  • If space and time are limited, learn to differentiate between wanting something and having a true necessity. 
  • Use the “one in one out” policy. When considering a purchase, decide which item you already own that will be replaced. 
  • Donate, sell or toss that item as soon as you come in with the new shopping bag! Otherwise, you are crowding your space and inviting disorganization.

We have seen vast closets that are in complete disarray and we have also seen very compact spaces that are tidy, organized, and are a joy to use and own. In either case, creating space for belongings along with regular maintenance is key to keeping your closet in order. Many revert back within weeks of a professional organizing session because their owners just can’t or won’t put in the effort needed to stay organized. The actual physical space is a manifestation of our behavior so when thinking about organizing a closet or any other space, remember to change your behavior first!

If you find that your closet is completely packed floor to ceiling, front to back then you might want professional help to pare down some items in order to gain some functionality. 


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