Three piles of clothing to keep, throw away and donate

10 Steps to Organizing Any Small Space

Our experienced team recommends using this system to organize any small space including hall closets, bedside tables, mudrooms, automobiles and frequently used drawers. Staying organized often means only having what you need and use, particularly in high use spaces, and having an exact location for each item to reside. 

Here are Steps to Organizing any Small Space

1. Prepare a flat work space such as the kitchen or dining room table, the bed or a folding table outside if it’s a nice day.

2. Gather bags and/or boxes and label them as follows: Keep, Toss, Donate, Relocate 

3. Collect all the items from the space and bring them to your workspace. 

4. Go through all the items and sort them into the above labeled receptacles.

5. Deep clean the space while it is empty.

6. Install any needed infrastructure such as Dividers, Baskets, Hooks, Shelving, Mats/trays

7. Situate all kept belongings in a manner that makes sense to you and that you can and will maintain giving each item an exact location to reside that you can remember when you go to put that item away.

8. Situate items designated for relocation into other better suited areas.

9. Discard selected items into recycling or trash. 

10. Take donations to your local donation center.

Now that your space is organized, all you have to do is keep it that way. If you find it is easy, you have created an excellent system. If you find it to be difficult, reassess what isn’t working and make adjustments. This fine tuning is a normal part of the process

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