The Organized Entryway

Do you feel JOY when you return home? It should be easy to get in the house with mail, groceries, purchases, purses, packages, outerwear and whatever else. 

To accomplish this, one needs a designated ‘landing strip’ just inside the door that you normally use to enter the home. Some homes have mudrooms, large hall closets and foyers. Other homes lead you right into your kitchen or living room.

No matter the setup, if you are struggling to get in or out the door comfortably, there is room to improve. Enough flat surface is needed for two bags of groceries, daily mail and also a place to take off wet or dirty boots and shoes. Installing hooks for keys and handbags are also an excellent idea!

The landing strip, mudroom and/or hall closet should only contain belongings that are in season so needed items become easy to find and use. Use our 10 Steps to Organizing Any Small Space  to create a simplified and efficient entryway.

Evaluate your system. If you find you refuse to hang keys on a hook and keep tossing them on a surface, place a small container there for them and use the hook for something else. If you don’t like hanging coats on hangers, install enough hooks at appropriate heights to accommodate every coat that is frequently worn. Occasional upkeep will always be necessary, but remember, if your behavior and thinking dictate the system, it should be easy to maintain!

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