Bring Organization and Productivity to your Garden

With spring gardening season about to be in full swing, now is a great time to assess if you are an organized and productive gardener.

Gardening can be such an enjoyable vocation. You’re outdoors, connecting with nature and feeding your creative instincts. The sun is warm, the bees are buzzing and the breeze is gently blowing. The satisfaction of harvesting delicious fresh food that you grew from seed or designing a flower arrangement for your table or as a gift to loved ones is immense.


Gardening does require an array of belongings, and where there is stuff, there can be disorganization.


Does this ever happen to you?

  • Tools get left out and start to rust

  • Tools get lost

  • Tools don’t have a specific “home”

  • You have too many tools or duplicates

  • The hose is not coiled up in its place

  • Large items are often in the way

  • Plants don’t get labeled

  • Old unused products and chemicals are lying around

The solution to these organizing issues is to do an overhaul now and designate a space for everything. If you are an avid gardener and don’t own a shed, you might want to consider investing in one, especially if you have yard equipment pushing your car out of the garage and into the driveway. 

Keep yourself protected from the sun and injuries

Here’s another form of disorganization. Have you ever walked outside, maybe barefoot, to just snip a few sprigs and next found yourself with bug bites, a sunburn, damaged hands and maybe a cut on your foot or turned ankle? 

Organize gloves, sunscreen, bug repellent and clippers and garden shoes near the path you take to the garden. Products such as hooks and a little shelf can make this easy and attractive.

Take care of yourself 

This is the organization of behavior and thoughtfulness. If you find yourself overdoing it, either slow down or purchase items to make gardening ergonomically more safe. Raised beds, gardening stools and cushions, etc. can make the difference between enjoyable time outdoors and a sore back or worse, injury. And remember to stay hydrated!

Plants need sunshine, water and food, protection from pests, and the elements. So do you, so be mindful and happy gardening and happy organizing!

By Ideal Organizer, Jennifer Dwight

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