Downsizing Tips for a Rightsized Relocation

Making a move at any age can be hard work, but after years in your current home, the process of downsizing, rightsizing and relocating to a new home can be overwhelming.

If you are having trouble even starting the challenging process of downsizing after many years of belongings have accumulated in your home, please read on!


Top Tips to Happy Downsizing


Plan and prepare early. It’s never too early to begin sorting through your belongings by tagging what will go to loved ones, donating and discarding. Easing into things and enjoying the process can relieve the stress brought on by trying to take on this overwhelming task all at once with limited time remaining.


Take it one step at a time. Understand that it’s more than a move, it’s parting with items you have grown accustomed to and may not see again. Knowing that items will be used and cherished by someone else can make the process easier. 


Be Realistic. Please remember that one person may not want or be able to take on all of what you’re not bringing with you. Choose items to distribute amongst loved ones and consider donating other items so that someone in need can select and love them. Having a few, precious, handed down items can make the items more meaningful than dumping an entire household of items on loved ones. 


Focus on the future. You are entering a new carefree lifestyle, so relax and embrace it.


Use a certified Senior Move Manager. Certified members of The National Association of Senior Move Managers, (NASMM) are highly qualified Senior Move Managers® who specialize in helping older adults and their families through the daunting process of transitioning to a new residence. They are appropriately trained to make your downsizing process faster and easier. NASMM members such as Ideal Organizing + Design understand that your move is so much more than just a move. 


Read the Guide: The NASMM guide has been developed to provide you with tips and checklists to enhance your moving experience. 

NASMM’s Guide to Stress-Free Rightsizing & Relocation


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