Do I Really Need Organizing Products to Stay Organized and Productive?

When asked if utilizing the right organizing products makes a difference, what do professional organizers say?


We say, ‘Yes and not only does it make a huge difference, it’s life changing!’


Whether you live in a small space or a large home with plenty of storage, the areas can quickly become cluttered without the right products and infrastructure. We’ve all opened our linen closet door to find linens and stored products in disarray…again. Or we’ve opened the kitchen utensil drawer while cooking to a tangle of spatulas and spoons. Properly planned and installed products along with a small investment can make using these belongings far more enjoyable. The right products, expertly planned will also increase your productivity because everything will land back in its proper place and be easily accessible when you need it next. Just imagine each set of sheets going into the closet, stacking neatly and each kitchen utensil having its very own space in the drawer. That means more time for you to do the things you enjoy most!


What Are Organizing Products? 


They are the various containers, dividers, bins, baskets, shelving, racks, furniture and other storage solutions that make staying organized so much easier. If you are unfamiliar with the world of organizing, you may be unaware that organizing products come in almost infinite sizes, styles, shapes, materials and price points.  


What Are Our Favorite Organizing Products?


Clear Containers are a must-have

  •     They let you see exactly what’s inside

  •     They’re versatile. They can be used in all spaces: kitchen, bathroom, pantry, refrigerator

  •     They do not go out of style so you can easily find them again

  •     They do not require label

Lazy Susan Turntables are great too 

  • They’re Ideal for frequently used items like spices and oils on the countertop

  • They also work great in the refrigerator for salad dressings, jams, or even beverages

  • They are also versatile and can be used in different spaces

Cabinet Storage Shelves are super functional   

  • They double your cabinet space in seconds

  • They can be used for plates or cups in the kitchen or cleaning supplies under the sink

  • They can be used in bathroom closets for your toiletries


How to Plan Your Next Organizing Project?


Prepare  It’s important to sort through your spaces and donate or discard items which you no longer need or want to properly plan for the right products. How to properly sort and organize.

Measure  Knowing your available space, volume of contents, and optimal storage location from the options you have available helps when researching which product will work best for each area of your project. Remember to plan for room to grow so you won’t soon need to redo your project again. 

Style  Consider the right materials to suit your home style to make the most of your investment. You’re going to have these products for a while so making the best choice initially is key to success and getting the most from your investment. For example, kitchen drawer organizers are available in clear acrylic, bamboo, or metal. They also come in a variety of shapes and sizes or alternately, as adjustable dividers. Linen closet organizers may come as dividers or as containers. These options are endless when considering garages, toy or family rooms, home offices, kitchens, bedroom closets and drawers, bathrooms, etc. These areas can all become more organized and make you more efficient, just by having the right products in the right place!

Research   Search online and in person to explore the right materials, availability, shapes, sizes and price points that will work for you and your space. 

Procure  Monitor availability and delivery so you have everything you need when you are ready for the installation phase. Items may become delayed or placed on backorder, requiring alternate purchasing decisions to be made. Consider sustainable purchases because depending on the vendor, there can be a considerable amount of packaging to open and discard. Also consider purchasing extra to compensate for any miscalculations or ordering errors.  

Install  Set aside time to empty spaces, unpack purchases, set up products, secure products into place and best of all, reset your belongings into their new home.


If you are struggling with how and where to store your belongings, and are not sure where to start, we can help! Our expertise in space planning and organizing products services saves hours of time and frustration and ensures that you receive the best products and services available to optimize your budget, style, space and functional needs.


Contact us at info@idealorganizers for all of your downsizing, organizing and product needs.