How to quickly and easily create ORGANIZED SCHOOL DAYS

We love the back-to-school time of year and the return to routine because we are experts at putting organized processes into place!

Here are some recommendations for a smooth transition:

Create well designed physical spaces for each child:

  • Create a designated surface area to do homework

  • Set up easy to access storage for homework supplies

  • Assign a staging area where everything for the following day can be assembled and ready the night before

Create an action system for your child to learn good habits not only for school but for life:

  • This usually means homework before leisure and screen time so that children can learn that work needs to be completed first. Keep a calendar visible so that scheduled activity can be incorporated into the homework routine and involve your child in the planning and set up.

  • If parents have “homework”, they can work alongside or at the same time as students or take care of cooking and household chores during this time. If possible, be present to model, supervise, check progress or assist in an appropriate way.

  • After homework and tasks are completed, preparation for the next day should happen. Assemble needed items in their proper places for quick retrieval in the morning. Your morning will be much more peaceful when it is no longer sabotaged by the mad search for lost items at the last minute.

  • Evening is ideal for gathering and relaxation time, even if brief due to busy schedules. Set a good example for kids by limiting screen time at this time of night for better sleep.

  • Everyone is set up for a successful day when a good night’s sleep is had, so keep bedtime routines firm and consistent.

Being proactive rather than putting out fires gets everyone involved so they can gain a sense of accomplishment by sticking to the routine, and confidence as they meet the expectations they’ve set for themselves! 

If you need more help, Ideal Organizing + Design helps busy professionals and their families find the time to create and experience an organized lifestyle throughout the year.