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Organizing Memorabilia – Give the Gift of Precious Memories

In almost every project we work on, we come across memorabilia such as photographs, film, slides, hard copy videos (VHS. Beta, reels) awards, degrees, manuscripts and the list goes on and on…

Invariably clients decide to put off dealing with these cherished items until “later” as sorting can be emotionally draining and very time consuming. Often clients no longer own the systems necessary to view the material making it impossible for them to decide what is not worth keeping. Others are at a point where they are downsizing and they no longer have the space for their memories.

Today there are many improved space-saving solutions to organize these types of memorabilia.

Boxes of photographs can be displayed in photo albums for friends and family to appreciate or they can be digitized and saved on one or more thumb drives so multiple family members can honor their legacy. The same can be said for VHS, Beta, reels, film and slides. Many of us can remember gathering around the projector to view slideshows of past birthdays and vacations. Today we partner with experts who have the technology to seamlessly convert these bulky outdated mediums so they can be stored via a small thumb drive and viewed or projected via our laptops. 

If you have boxes of unsorted memories, know that you are not alone. Shoeboxes full of photos and stored memorabilia in some form occupy the closet shelves of most homes. So many of our clients needed a practical, stress free and safe solution and we have several options to help you achieve your goals.

Creating beautiful, organized and long lasting albums is one of our most rewarding projects. The holiday season is the best time to have photo albums out on the coffee table for friends and family to enjoy together.

Alternately, digitizing media allows for multiple copies to be made. Each family member can have access to the memories from their devices or the Cloud. Most digitizing services require clients to send their precious memories through the mail. We  wanted to avoid the fear of hard copies getting lost en-route and so our solutions are all local. You can even have your final product set to a custom song to fully honor your legacy!

Whether you decide on a gorgeous traditional album, digital copies or both, you will get immense satisfaction by preserving your memories for generations to come and ending the procrastination!

This is a splendid time of year to prioritize this project and create priceless gifts for your loved ones.

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