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2020 Interior Design Trends

By: Lubbi Saed, IOD Interior Designer


Black Matte 

If you are comfortable with using black color go for it and paint the room in black. There’s nothing better than black to create a dramatic look.  Just make sure to consider the natural lighting in the room and make sure to have big windows. If that sounds a little scary or your space doesn’t allow that, you can incorporate black in furniture, accessories and fixtures. Also black matte and natural wood color looks great together!


Japandi Style 

This is a hybrid style that mixes the Scandinavian design with the timeless elegance of the Japanese aesthetic to create a style that is clean and minimalist + warm and cozy!  If you want to welcome this style into your home, include natural elements, natural wood, functional accessories, furniture from both styles, greenery, natural color palette & raw materials. Mix with dark stained wood, black and red.


Curved Furniture

Curved sofas, armchairs and chairs are very trendy and popular, they have a more fluid organic look that adds the feel of nature.  Add a pop of color by including a sofa or an armchair in coral, blue or green. Bold colors are very trendy this year.


Warm Neutrals

A Beige palette is very trendy; it’s the perfect choice to add warmth to any space. Beige tones are very easy to work with, you can combine them with dark beige, brown and some accents in coral or blues.


Concrete Accessories


This is a very contemporary style, concrete will add texture and make your space interesting.  Consider including a concrete table, side table, lamp, clock, or pots in your décor.


Golden Accessories

Use Gold in lamps, hardware, light fixtures, vases, etc.  Metal accessories with bold colors will give you a royal and elegant look.


Geometric Shapes

Use geometric shapes in a dramatic way by adding it to your space through tiles, wall paper or a rug.  Don’t forget the contrast and pick a color that makes a statement.



This style is always in trend! Use natural materials like wood, concrete, granite, stone, and cotton, and bring texture through baskets, rattan chairs, woven accessories, add plants and greenery to complete the look.


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