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Organized Downsizing for Boomers

By Jenn Dwight

Why wait until you are forced to downsize?

Baby boomers and seniors may have reached the point in their lives where they must downsize. Perhaps the house is too much to keep up with, or there are maintenance issues. In the worst-case scenario, there’s been a fall or other accident and it is no longer safe to live in the house.

When this occurs, individuals’ choices become quite limited. Often others make all the choices for them because they are so incapacitated. The situation has come about because they haven’t had the resources or knowledge to move forward. Ideal Organizing and Design can certainly help in this case by doing all of the physical work involved. The client can relax while making all the decisions from a comfortable position. We can also design and organize new smaller living spaces. 

Is it too soon to downsize?

While the above scenario is very typical, it is not the ideal situation. If families and individuals can make the decision to downsize years before they absolutely must, it makes for an enjoyable and empowering experience. There is plenty of time to make sure that beloved items end up in wonderful new places.

Perhaps some extra cash can be realized from their sale. 

Is unused square footage costing you time and money? 

Wouldn’t you rather spend those precious resources on things you really enjoy? 

If a move is necessary then less square footage is probably in the near future. The good news is, no more work maintaining all that space. The bad news is that if everything currently owned is kept, the new home is going to be terribly crowded! Fortunately, the options available to donate, sell or gift are many. 

Are you holding onto unused, outdated belongings?

Parents are often disappointed when their children don’t want family heirlooms. It is helpful to remember that releasing the item is not releasing the memories. If current friends and family don’t want the belongings, why not donate to those less fortunate or make a little extra money by selling items with value. This can be tricky, as the perceived value to the original owner is usually significantly greater than the current market price point, but it’s worth a try. 

Does an imminent or future move have you completely overwhelmed? How will you deal with a lifetime of belongings?

Ideal Organizing and Design is the company with a team of experts ready to help get you through this challenging time.     

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