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Children & Interior Design!

By: Lubbi Saed, IOD Interior Designer

We all would like to have a nice home and decorate in a way that reflects our personality and taste.

This can be challenging when you have kids.

There are a few tips you can use that will make your life easier and your home prettier.


Pick kid friendly furniture

Kids safety is a priority.  When it comes to buying furniture make sure to buy furniture with no glass or sharp corners/edges. Consider an ottoman as a coffee table and top it with a tray, this will give you a spot to place a cup when needed. You may also want to consider a round coffee table as a safer option as well.


Minimize glass and mirrored furniture

Such as glass dining tables and mirrored night stands. Otherwise, you could be wiping them down all day long to remove cute tiny finger prints!


Use furniture with storage

Different types of storage will make your life easier for hiding toys, extra living room throws, books, and even shoes. Consider furniture with doors, drawers and bins such as baskets.


Consider buying second hand furniture

When kids are still little, buy second hand good quality furniture.  Doing so will save you money and you won’t feel so bad if an accident happens. 


Use multi purpose furniture

Your coffee table can work as a space for kids to draw and snack. Your TV stand can also provide a good space to hide toys. 


Use slip covers

When it comes to sofas and throw pillows, try to use things with removable covers, this way you can wash them more often and keep them clean. 


Make decorating your home a fun process

Ask for your child’s opinion, what does he/she like? What color do they want their room to be? What is their favorite character? Engaging them in the process will likely make them take care of the space and help to keep it looking good.