Ideally Organized

How Does it FEEL to be Really Organized?

By: Jenn Dwight, IOD Organizing Coach


  • You wake up several minutes before the alarm goes off. You have slept 7-9 blissful hours and feel well-rested.
  • You have arranged your schedule so that you have a little “me” time before others start making demands on you. 
  • Your morning routine is easy because there is a proven process in place for everything. You know where your stuff is! 
  • Everyone gets out the door on time with everything they need. Your day progresses at your pace because you have control of your time and space. 
  • When unexpected important and urgent events come up, as they will, you are prepared to deal with them, because you have clarity of thought and are not already in stress mode. 
  • You have an organized calendar and schedule with plenty of free time for what is important to you. Electronics, technology email, and your phone do not monopolize your time; they enhance your productivity and time management.
  • Maintaining home-organization is a snap because you have coaching when you need it.
  • Your personal organizer comes in once or twice a month to keep you on point and tweak any problem areas. 
  • You no longer feel guilty asking for help because you realize that not everyone is naturally organized and it’s fun to work with those who have a talent for it. 
  • You own your belongings, they don’t own you.
  • You have more time for the things that are really important to you because there are systems in place for the routine and mundane tasks that must be completed each day. 
  • You are generally a more relaxed person with a better quality of life. You have time, freedom, and peace of mind.

If this lifestyle sounds attractive, please take the next step towards making every day…

Ideally Organized.