Ideal Organizing + Design: How To Decorate When Renting

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How To Decorate When Renting

By: Lubbi Saed, Interior Designer

Decorating your rental home can be difficult sometimes.  You may not want to invest too much money in a rental home and your landlord may have given you restrictions as far as what you are allowed to do.  

The easiest way to add your own special touch and make your rental space feel like “Home” is by following these tips:


Update your kitchen by changing the hardware on the cabinets.

Choose hardware that reflects your style. It’s an inexpensive update that will add your own touch and make a huge difference to the look of the kitchen.

Be sure to save the old hardware so you can put it back when it’s time for you to move out.


If you would like a more stylish look in your kitchen, you could add a “Peel and Stick” backsplash.

Doing so would make a dramatic difference and your landlord may even like it!  If not, it’s very easy to remove. 


Update your bathroom by changing the sink hardware.

Add a faux or indoor plant that doesn’t need much sunlight.


Change light fixtures when possible.

Take down that outdated chandelier and hang one that reflects your style and taste.

Just like the kitchen hardware, you can replace it with the original one when you move out.


Apply “Peel and stick” Wallpaper to one wall in any room and try to create a focal point on that wall.

Again, it is made so that it can be removed easily when you move out.


Invest in versatile furniture.

When it comes to furniture, buy pieces that you can use now and later- like this coffee table from that also has 4 convenient stools for extra seating.

Be sure to only buy what you really like, not necessarily what’s on sale.  Sometimes it’s worth spending more to buy a piece that will last you a very long time. 


Add rugs to your space.  This will allow for you to group your furniture together and separate the space, giving you a cozy feeling. 


Add drapes to your room, it doesn’t have to be expensive, but it will make your room look expensive and complete.


Add life to your place by decorating with plants and natural elements such as wicker baskets, faux fur, stone and wood decor items.


When living in a rental, there is a huge chance that you may have a minimal amount of space to work with.


Make sure to declutter and only keep necessary items.  Also, be sure to use smart organizing systems.


When looking for an organizing system be sure to browse each section, kitchen organizing, bedroom organizing and bathroom organizing.  Depending on your needs and your space, you can use organizing items in different spaces than what they may be meant for. 

For example: Use a towel rack for hanging your kitchen utensils.


Finally, with approval from your landlord, give your space a fresh coat of paint with a light and natural color.