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How To Decorate a Small Living Room

By: Lubbi Saed, IOD Interior Designer


Decorating your living room is very important, since it’s the space you typically relax in after a long day.

This can be challenging when your space is small.


Below are few tips on how to do that:

Use Multipurpose Furniture

Replace your coffee table with an ottoman.  An ottoman can be used as a place to set a cup of tea and some cookies, extra seating for when you have a guest, and also a place to kick your feet up and get comfortable at the end of day.  Consider finding one that has hidden storage to keep your extra blanket and the TV remote control.  This will help keep your living room tidy.


Choose the Right Furniture

A popular tip is to downsize your furniture, but that’s not always the case.  Choosing one large piece of furniture like a sectional or a sofa and two chairs is sometimes better than adding too many small pieces of furniture.


Let Natural Light In

When it comes to a small space, lighting is really important. Pull back your curtains and show off the scenery out of your windows. Use light colored curtains to give a light and airy feeling.


Paint the Ceiling

Adding some details to the ceiling will draw the eye up and will give the feeling of a bigger room.  Paint your ceiling in a light color or add a fun patterned light colored wallpaper.


Use Light and Natural Colors

Dark colored furniture can make your living room appear smaller.  Opt for a light colored sofa, coffee table and curtains, such as white, beige or soft gray. If you think this is too light or too boring, you can add accent colors through accessories and artwork.


Bigger Windows

Not everybody is lucky enough to have floor to ceiling windows, however, you can fake this look.  Hanging your drapes all the way from the ceiling kissing the floors and extending them on both sides of the window, about two feet on either side, will create the illusion of a higher and wider window.


Hang Big Art Work

Hanging a big artwork, that can cover the majority of the wall, will make your room look bigger. Don’t hang too many small pictures or artwork, because that can make your room appear smaller and cluttered.


Add a Large Mirror

Invest in an extra large mirror and have it reflect from the window if possible. The reflection coming from the mirror will add double the lighting and will make your room bright and airy. You can achieve that by hanging a mirror with a beautiful frame or just add a flat mirror on the wall.


Floating Furniture

Instead of using a bookshelf that takes the floor space, use floating shelves.  Take advantage of your room’s vertical space to put your books and display your decor and personal items. Keeping the floor space clean will make the room feel more spacious.


Match Your Furniture with the Wall

Matching your sofa with the wall will give you a cohesive look and will make the space feel larger.


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