Ideal Organizing + Design: How to Decorate Your Kitchen

How to Decorate Your Kitchen

By: Lubbi Saed, IOD Interior Designer

Whether you are staging your kitchen to sell your house or you are decorating because you have always dreamed of that beautiful kitchen that you saw in a magazine, here are a few tips to help you:

Empty your countertop

Pack all small appliances that you would typically have on your countertops and store them inside your kitchen cabinets.


It might not be very convenient to get that toaster out and put it away again each morning, but the clean crisp result of a beautiful kitchen you will get from storing those items is definitely worth it.

Pack your food

Don’t leave your cereal box or coffee container on the countertop.  Hide all of your food in the pantry.  If you don’t have enough space in your pantry, invest in a nice set of decorative containers (not the see through ones), it will help you store your food and work as a decorating element as well.

Pack your cookbooks

Too many cookbooks on your countertop will only make your kitchen look cluttered and smaller.  You can leave one book out and use it as a decoration by pairing it with a candle or a plant.

Empty your dish rack

As soon as you are done with dishes, dry and empty your dish rack. Put all dishes and pans away where they belong.

Pack your mail

The kitchen is not the right place for mail and advertising magazines. If you don’t have an office space and you usually work in your kitchen, designate one drawer specifically for mail and paperwork.

Clean your fridge from the outside

Remove all pictures and magnets from your fridge.  Again having things on your refrigerator doors will make your kitchen look messy and cluttered.


After you have cleaned your surfaces, it’s time to decorate your kitchen!


Create a coffee station

If you have enough space, you can create a coffee station in one corner.  Use an extra large tray to put your coffee machine, coffee, creamer, a few cups and some napkins.

Decorate with purpose

Using a stylish bowl or a tiered tray you can create a beautiful centerpiece on your kitchen island or countertop.  Fill it up with your favorite fruits and vegetables! Don’t use fake food for decorating.


Decorate with fresh or good quality faux flowers and greenery


Decorating with candles is always nice, especially if it reflects the season! Like apple cinnamon in winter and fruity scents in spring and summer. Your kitchen will feel fresh and it will help absorb the smell from cooking.


Use a nice dispenser bottle for your dish soap.

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