Ideal Organizing + Design: The Top 5 Benefits of Organizing in a Team

The Top 5 Benefits of Organizing in a Team

By: Jennifer A Dwight, Organizing Coach IOD

The cornerstone of OUR PROVEN PROCESS is that we work in teams of at least two people.

“Two or more people are always better than one for solving problems, finishing off difficult tasks, and increasing creativity.”

Having worked as a Professional Organizer for over a decade, I have experience working one on one with clients and now work as part of the Ideal Organizing + Design team.

I am completely convinced that working in a team of organizers is the way to go. What a team of two can accomplish in one day, would take an individual organizer at least three days.


1. A team is more cost-effective

This exponential, time-saving effect is what the Ideal Organizing experience is all about. Initially, paying for a team may seem more expensive than one person, but most organizing is billed by the hour. That one person will probably be there at least three times as long.

I can personally attest to the fact that about one-third of the jobs I have worked on have either finished up a day or two early or the client has paid for a set number of days and has been quoted for a certain amount of space or rooms. We end up doing the whole house because we are able to work so efficiently.


2. The client does not need to be left while items are taken to other areas.

Most projects require you, the client to be hands-on or at least “eyes on.”

An individual organizer must frequently interrupt the vital workflow with the client to get more supplies, clear more space for working, move unwanted items out, haul unwanted items away, etc.

When working with a team, the client’s time is maximized as there is always an organizer at your side to encourage and clarify your decisions.

3. Some parts of the project require the client’s attention, some don’t.

Once the client has made decisions about what stays and what goes, there is no need, for example, to watch the organizer face all the items in a pantry.

With an organizing team, one member can do the arranging while the client and other team member(s) move on to the next section or room of the project.


4. A team is more adaptable

Let’s face it, organizing is hard work. Both mentally and physically. Logistically, having a team really comes in handy when there are heavy items to move.

Every project is different and every job brings new challenges that need creative solutions. The ability of a team to brainstorm brings more and better options for the client.


5. Working in a team is just more fun.

There is often a certain positive flow of energy that develops between the client and the team. The more people working, the easier it is to stay motivated and “in the Zone.” Progress is constantly happening, instead of the starts and stops required when only one organizer is on the job.

At Ideal Organizing + Design, we truly have a fun, caring group of people who really enjoy working together and helping people to improve the quality of their lives.