bold wall color in bedroom

Ideal Organizing + Design: How to decorate your small space like an Interior Designer!

How to decorate your small space like an Interior Designer!

Decorating a small space can be hard and feel impossible.  You want to be able to fit as much as possible in one room, but you don’t want the room to feel cluttered and cramped.

You want your room to have personality without looking chaotic.

It’s possible to achieve this and still have a stylish room whether you are living in an apartment or choosing to live a minimalist lifestyle, try these tips:


Use your vertical space

Using your vertical space leads the eye upward, making the room appear larger.

Use your walls to keep an open floor plan.  Try incorporating floating pieces such as shelves and nightstands; this will create extra space for storage but will still allow for open floor space.

Hanging your curtain high, close to the ceiling and all the way to the floor, will make the space feel instantly larger and more impressive.

Be sure that you have space for your essential furniture. However, don’t overcrowd the room.  Even the perfectly decorated and organized room will be non-functional and cluttered when you have obstacles.

long curtains floating shelves living area with large rug 

shelf storage in small space, use walls for storage

floating nightstand on wall next to bed


Multi-Function Furniture

For a small dining space, try using a dining table that has folding leaves. This way you have the option of using the leaves if you have company or leaving them down if you don’t need the extra surface space.

Try a desk that can fold up when not in use, this way you will use less floor space and will avoid having extra surface space for paper clutter. Nesting coffee tables are also great for small spaces.

Get furniture with extra storage.  Storage can be challenging when it comes to small spaces. A bed with storage drawers or a day bed that can function as a sofa & a bed is a great idea.

folding desk on wall

folding desk shelves table lamp


Don’t forget lighting

Your small space may feel dark because of the small or nonexistent windows. Use a lot of light fixtures to make up for the lack of the natural light. Depending on the height of your ceiling, use a pretty pendent or an elegant flush mount.  Use sconce lighting on your walls or table lamps, instead of floor lamps, for a bright and cozy room.

pendant light over dining table

copper desk lamp


Mirrors are your best friend

Mirrors will give you the illusion of a bigger space and will add a few more square feet instantly! It will also reflect light and help you make up for the lack of natural lighting.  Consider filling a whole wall with a large mirror, or create a gallery wall of mirrors of different sizes and shapes.


Choose the right size rug,  keep your colors cohesive, and play with scale

The rug is the one item you don’t want to skip. Don’t use a small rug because it will make your room feel equally small. Pick a rug that that is large enough to cover the whole floor and also large enough for all of your furniture to sit on.

You don’t have to use small-scale furniture when it comes to small spaces. Use normal sized furniture with an extra-large piece of artwork. Use fewer pieces that catch the eye and make a bold statement.

Make sure to stick with a limited color palette, whether you choose light or dark, keep the flow and have a theme.  Don’t use too many patterns, this can make a small space seem cluttered.

bright living area with large rug seating and side tables


Try bold paint

Small space doesn’t mean all white walls, you can still choose a bold dark color and add it to one wall, making that your accent wall.

bold wall color in bedroom