stack of plates

Packing tips to make your move easier!

Do you need some great ideas on how to keep your belongings in order and safe when packing for a move?

stack of plates
Use Styrofoam plates in between your glass plates and cooking pans to cushion them while moving.
Wrap your silverware tray in Saran Wrap to keep it all contained
Use your softer items when packing boxes to fill the empty spaces.  (Sheets, blankets, towels, stuffed animals, etc)
hanging clothes
Place groups of hanging clothes (still on the hanger) in a drawstring trash bag.
labeled moving boxes
Be sure to label each box with what items are contained as well as what room the box needs to go to.  i.e. “kitchen- coffee mugs, place-mats, baking supplies”  You could even use a color coded system so that whoever is assisting you in moving will know where each box belongs.  This will make it WAY easier when it comes time to unpack!
Instead of purchasing moving blankets use your extra ones for padding the furniture to be moved!
little boy with box of donated toys
Purge unnecessary items BEFORE the move!  Why bring stuff with you that you’ve never used?
flat screen television
Pack your flat screen in an art/mirror box.  Be sure to wrap it in a soft blanket and then again with bubble wrap.
If you need assistance with packing your belongings for a move, our team at Ideal Organizing + Design would be glad to assist you!
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