Ideal Organizing + Design: Spring Decorating Tips While Quarantined.

Spring is here, there is fresh air and beautiful colors surrounding us!

Although most of us are quarantined, with not much we can do, you can still refresh your home with a few of these simple tips.


Open your windows and enjoy the breeze & warm sunshine.


Do an extra load of laundry- wash your curtains! Be sure to choose the delicate cycle on your washing machine.

If you have curtains that need dry cleaning, you can always use the small attachment that comes with your vacuum to remove the dust.

Then spray with a fabric freshener for an extra fresh scent.


Clean your ceiling fans- You will likely be using them soon with much warmer weather fast approaching.


It’s time to put away your heavy winter bedding and switch to a light, colorful, summer bedding.

Pack all winter accessories and decor items, like fur throws, knit wool pillow covers, and winter pattern tablecloths.

Use colorful, pastel hues, & bright and light materials.


If you have any vases, use them for  fresh flowers to add a pop of Spring colors!


Don’t forget that you can always decorate your kitchen with fresh fruits and vegetables!



If you have the materials at home, try creating your own DIY Spring decorations.

Create a spring wreath…


Paint a flower pot…


OR make your own pillow cases or tablecloth!


Work on your yard- do some mowing, leaf blowing and planting to make your house beautiful inside and out.



Spread love, spread positivity, and remember- Your peace of mind is our priority!

Our team at Ideal Organizing + Design hopes that you and your loved ones are making the best out of your quarantined time!

REMINDER: We ARE still OPEN if you are in need of our services!

We are following “quarantine protocol” (6 feet apart, masks, gloves).

However, if you are not comfortable with us assisting you in person, we also offer Virtual Organizing!  Click HERE for more information!

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