Ideal Organizing + Design: Tips for Back to School time!

Can you believe Summer is almost over?!  I’m sure you’re seeing all of those Back to School advertisements everywhere.  Ideal Organizing + Design wants to help you transition your student from summer to back to school in an organized way while giving you peace of mind!

Here are some ideas to help your student succeed this year:

Choose a desk that suits your student’s style. Be sure to choose something that has storage for school supplies and that has a large enough surface area for school projects and studying.  A comfortable chair and good lighting are a MUST for studying as well!

Creating a command center complete with a cork board, calendar, and a clock, is a great idea.  This will allow your student to post important paperwork/artwork, important upcoming dates for assignments and events, and keep track of their time so they get to bed on time feel rested for the following school day.


If you can find a desk lamp that also has storage to hold your students supplies, that’s a win WIN!

Check out –> this one <– that is available on Amazon!


Purchase a surge protector to create a charging station to allow your student to have a place to charge all of their gadgets!

Phone, school tablets, laptop, etc.

Have a designated area for your student to hang their backpack, hats, umbrella, and other school accessories.

Maybe in the Foyer, Mud room, or their bedroom if space allows.

Choose a space to place a shoe rack for ONLY their shoes, this way your student will always be able to find them, in turn making your morning routine a smoother one.

It’s a great idea to have an after-school snack area, think HEALTHY!  After all, food fuels your student’s brain!  Create an area for non-refrigerated snacks as well as a designated drawer or bin in the refrigerator.  This way they can come home and have a healthy snack before they work on their homework.  This is also a great idea for packing their lunches in a timely manner the night before, they can help you and it will also give you some quality time together!


Do you wish your morning routine was smoother during the school year?  We hope that these tips are helpful and we would be happy to speak with you about creating a custom system and space that will have your student BEGGING to do homework! 🙂 757-777-8685