Interior Design 4 Seasons

Interior Design – Decorating for the 4 Seasons

Interior Design 4 Seasons

It’s a good idea to decorate your home with the seasons, this way you will always have a feeling of freshness and relaxation.  There are several simple ways to update your decor.

Decorating with the seasons doesn’t have to be expensive, and you can always re-use your seasonal items year after year.  After packing away your seasonal items for a whole year, they may even feel new to you when you pull them out the following year!

We at Ideal Organizing + Design Solutions are here to assist you with your Interior Design needs. We will help to make the process less stressful while also assisting in making the best out of your budget.

Steps to achieve your goal with Seasonal Interior Design:

Group and pack all accessories that do not belong to the season you are trying to decorate for.

  • i.e. – pillows, throws, fake plants, vases, etc.

For easy organized packing, we recommend using labeled plastic containers, this way it is easier to find your seasonal decor next year and everything is stored in one spot.

Bring nature inside!

  • Decorating with flowers or plants of the season is not only pretty but can also give you a sense of freshness in the room; you can also invest in good quality faux plants/flowers to re-use season after season.

Some indoor/outdoor areas to incorporate Interior Design ideas for your seasonal décor are:

  • the living room mantel
  • the dining room table
  • the bathroom vanity
  • the sofa
  • your bed
  • the front door
  • the patio

When it comes to changing your décor, pillows and throws are some of the simplest items you can change with each season.  If you have the budget you may also consider changing the theme of your sheets and bedding or you can simply change your duvet cover and throw pillows in your bedrooms, as well as your towels in your bathrooms and kitchen.

Consider decorating using patterns and colors that may help you achieve the feeling of each season.  Remember to keep your décor consistent throughout your entire home.

A good starting point for Interior Decorating for any season is choosing a color palette.  Consider colors that remind you of the season.

Here are some Seasonal Interior Design Ideas:


Use cozy objects such as a faux fur throw, plaid pillows, and a rich colored vase with winter faux greens.

  • Use warmer tones- Gold, Red, or Brown
    • These colors may remind you of a warm fire on a cold winter night.
  • OR Use cooler tones- Silver, Turquoise and Blue
    • These colors may remind of the beautiful glistening snow outside.
  • Use Pine or Gingerbread scents
    • These scents will remind you of a fresh Christmas tree or cookies baking in the oven!


Get ready to pack up all of your winter décor!  It is now time for fresh flowers, lighter colors, and light smelling candles.  If possible, now is the time to change your bedding to lighter colors as well.

  • Use fun Pastel Colors
  • Choose lighter weight fabrics for your pillows, bedding and table cloths
  • Use floral or citrus scents
    • These will remind you of the new blooms outdoors and a glass of fresh lemonade!


This time of the year is all about continuing with that springy look you started few months ago! More sunshine means more fresh flowers and even brighter colors.

  • Try using white sheer curtains or light-colored linen curtains to bring in an airy feeling while maintaining privacy.
  • Incorporate pops of bright summer colors in your décor, throw pillows and hand towels.
  • Use coconut or fresh linen scents
    • These scents will remind you of sitting by the pool with a cold beverage or fresh laundry hanging on the line!


Who doesn’t enjoy a nice Fall breeze after a hot summer?

  • Use Brown tones
  • Incorporate leaves and rustic elements
  • Use Pumpkin and Cinnamon Spice scents
    • Apple Cinnamon or Pumpkin Spice scents are a great touch to have your senses jumping for joy for Fall

When considering buying pillows, we recommend buying pillows with a zipper, this way you can wash the cover, change insert and it doesn’t take up a lot of space when storing.

Some of my favorite places to purchase pillow covers are:

Remember, shop the clearance sections try to find products when they are on sale!

Lubbi Saed – Ideal Organizing + Design Solutions Lead Interior Designer, Virginia Beach