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Do you have a senior loved one who is considering downsizing their belongings or considering the move to Senior Living?

There are many different options for downsizing, some more appealing than others.  Most seniors who own a large family home will benefit from some type of downsizing.  Some of these benefits include more time and money, a simpler lifestyle, not to mention a safer environment.

At times our loved ones can even begin showing signs of memory loss.  From a professional organizer stand point, as well input from a client who is dealing first-hand with a senior parent who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, here are some things that Ideal Organizing + Design Solutions would like for you to consider when downsizing/moving your senior loved one into their new home:

When should I start helping my senior loved one?

The older a person gets, the more difficult it is to adapt to change. Evidently, this is now scientifically proven.  It will not get easier, so if a move is inevitable, it’s best to make the change sooner than later. This way as your loved one continues to age their surroundings will remain familiar. Our Interior Designer of Virginia Beach can work with the client to create a space which includes cherished furnishings and belongings.

  • Start NOW!
    • There is no time like the present.
  • Doing a little bit at a time will help your loved one not feel so overwhelmed.
  • Look at this as an opportunity for bonding!
    • Let them reminisce
    • Let them tell you stories
    • Learn something about them and their past that you may not have otherwise known


Important Documents (Things to consider with Alzheimer’s)

It is very important to know where your senior loved one’s Legal and Important Documents are.

  • Professional Organizers can assist with transitioning paper files of important documents into digital files. We can also direct you to the correct resources to have any paper documents that are no longer needed shredded.
  • Insurance/Medical Paperwork/Medication
    • Know your senior loved ones insurance and medical history, as well as a list of medications that they take
  • Passwords/Usernames/Account Information (for Bills/Bank)
  • Legal Paperwork
    • As uncomfortable as it may be to talk about, does your senior loved one have a will in place?
    • Who is the power of attorney or Executor? These are all important details when it comes to helping your senior loved one.


In Case of an Emergency

  • There should always be an emergency plan in place
    • What if they fall? What if there’s a fire?  Have a plan.
  • Emergency Contacts
    • Be sure you have a neighbor or someone who can come check on your loved one frequently, in case you are unable to do so. Make sure you and your senior loved one exchange phone numbers with that person as well.
      • It will also be important to make this point of contact aware of where your loved ones medical/insurance paperwork is located.
    • A great idea is to have a contact listed in your phone as “I.C.E” (In Case of Emergency). Emergency personnel can check your loved ones phone if there so happens to be an emergency.
  • Important Keys
    • Know where their car keys are, or the keys to their house, be sure there is a spare.


Safety Comes First

  • Most importantly, if your loved one is growing older, be sure that the environment that they live in is a safe one.
    • Clear the floors of anything that may become an obstacle.
      • Small furniture that is easy to trip over
      • Be sure to bind any loose cords that could be a trip hazard
      • Install handrails where necessary (on the porch, near the toilet, in the shower).
    • De-cluttering can help keep your loved one safe.
  • In the case that your loved one suffers from memory loss, be sure to remove anything that could potentially cause harm or be used to harm themselves.
    • Weapons, knives, razors, etc.
    • Medications that they could accidentally overdose on.
  • Watch out for scams!
    • Unfortunately, there are people out there who will take advantage of the elderly in a heartbeat. Keep a close eye on your loved one’s mail.  There are some wonderful charitable organizations out there that need support, but there are just as many scams.  Do your research!  Those with memory loss may not be aware that they are being scammed.


Emotional Times

Feelings of loss associated with leaving a long-time residence.

  • With a positive attitude, one can focus on the future and continuing to have fulfilling experiences. Having support during the process will reduce the stress.
    • Remember, your loved one has probably lived in their home for many years. If they are moving or downsizing, this can be an extremely emotional time for them.  They may even come across as being defensive, what better time to call on Ideal Organizing + Design Solutions! Do your best to keep the experience a positive one.


The disruption of moving and releasing belongings.

This process is daunting to anyone and getting help is “the easier, softer way.” Professional Organizers help clients to decide what is truly valuable going forward and give more attention to detail when packing than traditional moving companies.

  • With compassion and patience, our professional organizers based out of Virginia Beach will help to assist in this transition in the gentlest way possible.


How can we be of assistance?

Following our proven process, Ideal Organizing + Design Solutions will assist you by helping you to downsize, de-clutter, and be sure that your senior loved one has a safe and organized transition into their new space.

  • Does your loved one have an attic and/or garage FULL of memories and belongings they have saved from over the years?
    • Our professional organizers can help you with what may seem like an impossible task.
      • We can assist you with any part of the home, from getting rid of outdated food in the kitchen pantry to downsizing the clutter in a garage!
    • Our team will donate and dispose of any items your senior loved one may want to discard, while providing them with the necessary receipts for tax purposes.
  • Our team is full of compassionate people who understand that relocating can be an emotional and stressful time for you and/or your loved ones.
    • Ideal Organizing + Design Solutions with assist in the decision making process of what to keep, sell, donate, and throw in the trash.


There is much evidence that “less” really is “more” so be excited about moving forward. Professional Organizers help people of all ages to increase the efficiency and beauty of their spaces and optimize use of their time.


Collaborative Blog Written by:

Christina Boyer – IOS Content Marketing Specialist

Debbie Murray – Client and Daughter of “Senior Loved One” with Alzheimer’s



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