Virginia Beach Organizers Shed and Garage Organization

Maximize Garage and Shed Organization…and Keep it That Way!

As cooler weather approaches, seasonal items need to be stored away for later use. Many of us share the same experience when it comes to major storage areas, whether garages, attics, or sheds, large or small, these spaces are a blessing, but they can also be a curse. We’re thankful for the space to store things, but consistent organization can be a big challenge. Whether it’s finding a place for new items to be stored or knowing where to place frequently used items so they are not in the way, maintaining order can be difficult.


Here are tips to keeping your major storage spaces in order so they are highly functional when needed:


Keep the Floor Clear  Storing everything possible off the floor will maintain order and eliminate clutter. If you start to use the floor as storage, this is a red flag. It is where disorder begins.

Location, Location  Frequently used items belong in the most accessible spots and rarely used possessions should be stored in the least accessible places. If you’re organizing a garage, store often used and consumable  items such as shoes, cleaning products and paper overflow close to the indoor access. Keep items used outside near the exterior door. Keep toys lower if you want children to be able to access them without your assistance. If you own items used just annually, store them on a higher shelf  than items used weekly. 

Use Vertical Height  Using the vertical space will maximize storage area. Easy to assemble shelving units are a great use of vertical space and when assembly is pre-planned with various sized storage bins, they can hold a variety of items, in a minimal amount of space while maintaining accessibility. 

Use Ceiling Space  A deep, open access shelf can be installed near the ceiling to store rarely used items. Heavy duty hooks or pulley systems can be hung from the ceiling to store bikes. 

Group Like Items  Lawn and garden, hand held tools, power tools, car wash, summer items, ladders, cleaning products, toys, bikes, outdoor decor, auto are typical categories requiring space allotment. 

Label Spaces  Clear readable labels serve as a visual reminder so that everyone knows  where items belong when putting them away. 

Back They Go  Return items, immediately after using, to their exact, right location every time. If you have designated and created space for every belonging, this is now easy.

Schedule Time to Reset During busy times it’s inevitable that some things may become out of order, so rather than become frustrated, just expect to set aside time to reset and reevaluate periodically. 

It’s that time of the year when our storage areas become full as we put away all of our warm weather outdoor items. It’s not surprising that garages, sheds, and attics are prime areas that can become disorganized. Installing the right hanging devices, cabinetry and storage shelves ensures that everything has a place and there is a place for everything. This along with periodic maintenance is the key to keeping these spaces organized. If you struggle to implement these tips on your own, we would love to provide expert help! Getting these spaces organized can eliminate frustration and increase your joy in ownership.

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