Overcome the Challenges of Virtual Learning

Want to make today’s virtual learning easier for you and your kids?

Virtual learning can be challenging for both parents and students. It also can become monotonous, so be sure to follow these expert interior design tips to keep this school year comfortable, stimulating, and fun!
  • Designate a space -To make this more fun ask your child where they would like to sit and have them help you set up the space. It may include adding a desk and a chair in his/her room or in one corner in your dining room. If the furniture you have is adult size make sure they have good posture by adding a pillow behind their back and a step stool to rest their feet on for comfortable seating. 
  • Let the sunshine in Studies have shown that sunlight provides energy and a good mood. If this is a little challenging make sure to have a bright source of light in the room. 
  • Colorful Storage Create a place for your child to store their school belongings such as bins on a shelf. If you have more than one child using the space, make sure to label and color code their bins with their favorite color so they don’t get mixed up. 
  • Visual excitement  Use stimulating and colorful pictures for your kindergarten and first-grader such as pictures of letters, numbers, animals, and plants. You can easily find them as flashcards and display them on the wall to create a learning center. 
  • VarietyA homework tray can be very useful if your child likes to sit in different places throughout the day. Use a multi tray cart with wheels to organize your child’s school supplies and he/she can push it to another room or spot to vary location. 
  • Comfy and cozy Create a corner where your child can cuddle and read a book, it can be a comfy chair and a blanket or some floor pillows. 
  • Furnish for focus –  Keep your child away from distractions. If you have little ones, consider having a gate and noise-canceling headphones. 
Finally, remember to compliment your child at the end of the school day! They need your positive and encouraging words to move through this unusual time. 
Interior Designer, Lubbi Saed enjoys the different ways everyone sees and experiences the world. An interior designer for 7 years, Lubbi loves using different colors and materials to watch her clients’ dreams and her vision come alive. Working with contractors and clients directly, her desire is to help people live in an appropriate and attractive space.
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