The Anatomy of a Highly Productive Workspace

The Anatomy of a Highly Productive Workspace

By: Skylar Ross, Outreach Coordinator – Avanti Systems

As workers begin to transition back into their corporate workspace from home, the sensory shock can be difficult to navigate. Of course, there are ways you can optimize your office to make it that much easier for your employees to maximize their productivity on their return.

The main key elements of a productive workspace are natural lighting, ease-of-communication, privacy, noise control, greenery, and ergonomic considerations. Natural lighting is known to reduce eye strain and headaches among workers, improving performance and well-being among employees.


The Best Products for Maximizing Office Productivity

Glass partition systems with glass pocket doors can be used to improve the flow of natural lighting, while also providing much-needed structure and privacy as well as noise-reduction.

Acoustically-optimized ceiling panel ideas can also do a lot for noise-reduction. Greenery should be found in almost any office setting. Small plants and flowers will work here. As well as potted trees, vines, and shrubs. An indoor green wall can even be set up to maximize the effect.

For ergonomic considerations, standing desks, balance-balls, optimized typing setups, supportive desk chairs, and even a small workout room with a treadmill can help to facilitate maximum mental clarity and cognitive function via good posture and healthy blood-flow.

For areas and times where natural lighting is not available, your office space should be lit by LED lights, rather than fluorescent lights. These will have a more positive effect on the aforementioned eyestrain and resulting symptoms, helping your late-night employees accomplish just as much as their daytime co-workers.

Help your Employees Transition Back to Work as Smoothly as Possible with these Tips

Returning to communal workspaces after working from home for so long can be a shock, so use the tips, items and strategies we’ve listed here for making that transition seamless. By adding more natural light, ergonomic furniture and equipment, glass partitions, and greenery, you can craft the perfect office space and bring the best out of your workforce as we recover from Covid-19.

See infographic below for more details: